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Resource Utilization

Keep your team busy (and avoid burning out your all-stars) by understanding the utilization for every project and resource. Mavenlink's utilization reporting leverages the time your team tracks to show you anyone's billable and nonbillable utilization in real-time.

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Team Utilization

  • 01.

    Real-time utilization

  • 02.

    Compare actual vs scheduled utilization

  • 03.

    Filter by role, project or date range

  • 04.

    Keep track of billable vs non-billable hours

Real-time Utilization Reports

See scheduled and actual utilization for all of your team members in real-time. As your team members track time, you will be able to run time tracking reports to show billable and non-billable hours.

burn rate

Personnel Utilization Tracking

You can expand by individual team member to see how much time they are spending per project, or you can expand by project to get details on hours burned. Use Mavenlink's filtering features to view hours by roles, project group, or date range.

employee utilization

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