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Task Management

At the foundation of all project management software is the ability to assign and track tasks. Mavenlink is a powerful collaborative work tool that provides our users with an efficient way of managing tasks – and the people associated with them.

★★★★★The Mavenlink Difference

Manage Collaborative Projects Efficiently

  • 01.

    Assign tasks, request
    deliverables and set milestones

  • 02.

    Monitor progress and status in Gantt

  • 03.

    From "Critical" to "Low",
    all tasks can be prioritized

  • 04.

    Global or project-specific visibility

Tasks, Deliverables and Milestones

There are different types of assignable items in Mavenlink. Tasks (items that need to be completed), Deliverables (something that needs to be produced) and Milestones (project deadlines). Files, dates, and conversations can be associated to a specific task. You can also assign priority from "Critical" to "Low".

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Global Task Tracker

This view allows the project manager or administrator to view all tasks currently assigned to their team across projects. Used in combination with Mavenlink’s Gantt chart, you will have a clear view of your project roadmap.

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Multi-Level Work Breakdown Structure

With drag-and-drop prioritization, robust assignment capabilities, and a highly visual workspace, tasks are organized and easily managed. Add subtasks underneath your main (parent) tasks to assign and track all the deliverables and activities needed to deliver a project successfully. Share a multi-level WBS with due dates, durations, and assignments.

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