Hosted Services Specifications

The Mavenlink Hosted Services offer the following core functionality:

Professional Services Automation

  • • Provides project management functionality
  • • Delivers accounting functionality or integrates with certain third-party accounting applications
  • • Tracks professional service project costs such as time and expense
  • • Records and allocates resources on professional service projects based on need and availability
  • • Monitors professional service project and portfolio performance, risk, and profitability
  • • Manages client profiles and user profiles, and communications between users

Project Management

  • • Creates project plans and work breakdown structures based on scope
  • • Defines, manages, and allocates personnel resources based on demand and availability
  • • Creates project budgets and compares them to actual costs and expenses
  • • Supports multiple project management methodologies
  • • Provides project templates that can be modified or combined to create new projects
  • • Manages interdependencies between tasks and their impact on deadlines
  • • Supports multiple project views
  • • Monitors project progress, resource utilization, and user productivity
  • • Provides a single data repository for project information and related data

Project Estimates

  • • Utilize Mavenlink templates and rate cards to create a project, apply and adjust a project plan, allocate resource roles, and create project timelines
  • • While building an estimate, view project budget, cost, fees, expenses margin percentage, and profit
  • • Identify the resource roles needed for optimized project staffing and make adjustments while viewing impacts to project financials
  • • Allows for creating multiple estimate scenarios and then selecting the desired scenario
  • • Creates a .pdf estimate to provide to clients

Project Accounting

  • • Provides features for revenue recognition
  • • Manages different types of revenue, including recurring and transaction-based
  • • Monitors project profit margins
  • • Includes best practices for project revenue management optimization
  • • Ability to create multiple types of invoices
  • • Sends invoices in different formats within and outside of the Hosted Services
  • • Offers reports and analytics on the status of each invoice
  • • Logs project events to ensure information integrity

Resource Management

  • • Manages resource capacity and plan based on availability
  • • Identifies the best personnel resources for each project type or task
  • • Delivers and manages forecasts to balance supply and demand
  • • Provides a single view of project resources
  • • Provides features for multiple types of allocations
  • • Manages individual and team calendars by department or geography
  • • Makes recommendations for the best resource allocation and optimizes allocations

Team Collaboration

  • • Allows internal and external users to work and collaborate on projects
  • • Manages roles and access rights to documents, chat, calendars, and project views
  • • Delivers standard or customized workflows
  • • Plans, schedules, and monitors projects and tasks
  • • Includes features for collaboration, communication, and data sharing
  • • Provides features for chat, discussion, and internal or external communications
  • • Defines workspaces and project views for internal and external sharing
  • • Logs capture information about who performed certain activities and when

Business Intelligence

  • • Provides out of the box management dashboards
  • • Consumes data from database queries and application connectors
  • • Transforms data into useful and relatable models
  • • Supports data modeling, blending, and discovery processes
  • • Enables interactive data exploration by users to discover insights beyond KPIs
  • • Empowers users to make business-critical decisions based on detailed analysis
  • • Creates reports and visualizations with business utilities

Integration Capabilities and Tools

  • • Allows users to customize, configure, monitor, and manage integrations to other products, services, systems, and data sources
  • • Synchronizes and loads data between the Hosted Services and other products, services, systems, and data sources
  • • Flat file integrations between the Hosted Services and other products, services, systems, and data sources

Connectors (core software connectors to these third-party products and services)

  • • Intuit QuickBooks Online and Desktop
  • • Google G-Suite
  • • Single Sign On (SSO) (Google, Yahoo, Intuit, OpenID, SAML)
  • • User provisioning via Okta with SCIM
  • •
  • • Atlassian Jira Software (Cloud and Server)
  • • Oracle NetSuite
  • • Expensify
  • • HubSpot
  • • Sage Intacct
  • • Xero
  • • SAP Concur
  • • Slack
  • • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
  • • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central