Mavenlink M-Bridge Integration Platform

The First Services-Centric Integration Platform

Thoughtful, Powerful, Purposeful

What’s in a name?

Bridges provide a path for connection. They’re the most direct route to what matters most.

Meet the Mavenlink M-Bridge. It’s the first purpose-built integration platform for services organizations, designed to seamlessly connect your solutions and be as dynamic as your business.


Connect Your Stack.
Discover New Efficiencies.

Your organization is like no other, so a one-size-fits-all solution just won’t cut it. The M-Bridge connects your instance of Mavenlink to every other tool in your tech stack, molding it precisely to the way you work.

Integrate Effectively

Easily manage every stage of your project lifecycle, from planning and bidding to staffing and billing.

With seamless connections to the solutions you depend on most, like CRM, Financials, HCM, and more, everything’s in one place and always at your fingertips.

"Mavenlink is integrated with Google Apps and Slack today. In addition, we did custom integrations with Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Dynamics. The integration went very smoothly, thankfully to the Open API's that Mavenlink provided."

Ivan Todorov

EVP, Operations & Strategy, AMP Agency

Execute with Precision

Monitor and manage all your Mavenlink integrations and underlying flows from one clean, simple dashboard.

Easy, direct access gives you control over the data driving your services lifecycle—effectively lowering the cost of the platform for your organization.


"Connecting Mavenlink with Salesforce has helped our firm get our service delivery and sales teams better aligned, and much more effectively forecast resource needs according to what's coming in the pipeline."

Amanda Davenport

Operations Analyst, Novo Group

Extend with Ease

Connect to your other most-used systems with our developer tools and industry-leading API documentation.

Combined with our style guide, you can build services-specific integrations and APIs as unique as your organization.

Upgrade Your Digital Strategy

Discover the emerging model that’s enabling today’s progressive professional and marketing services organizations to operate with greater agility, predictability, and precision.

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