Get a Complete View of your Projects and Expenses

Integrate Concur with Mavenlink to link Concur’s robust travel and expense capabilities with Mavenlink’s comprehensive project management and resource planning solution.

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Concur provides robust travel and expense tracking capabilities. By linking those expenses with Mavenlink projects, you give project teams real-time visibility into dollars spent and budget remaining. You get full visibility into project accounting without time consuming exports or status meetings.

  • + Simplify your expense tracking and approval process
  • + Customize detailed expense reports based on Concur’s advanced functionality
  • + Unify your view of all time and expense information across projects

Give project teams a single place to view time and expenses

See all time and expenses charged against a project, regardless of where they were originally logged.

Apply expenses logged to monitor project budgets

Approve expenses in Concur to automatically push them to Mavenlink, where project managers can monitor the dollars spent and budget remaining.

Keep your project and finance teams in sync

Eliminate redundant data entry and improve accuracy across systems by syncing key fields, including:

  • Employee
  • Amount
  • Notes
  • Attachments
  • + More