Monitor Your Project Budgets in Real Time

Integrate Expensify with Mavenlink to seamlessly link your existing expense reporting workflow with Mavenlink’s robust project and resource management capabilities.

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Your team logs time and expense every day in Expensify. Meanwhile, your project managers need to know where their projects stand. Enter the Mavenlink-Expensify integration. Automatically send time and expenses logged in the field into your project management system, so you get real-time visibility into your budgets and spending.

  • + Simplify expense tracking and approval process
  • + Unify all time and expense information across projects
  • + See all time and expense information in a centralized system

Track expenses in your preferred solution

By letting your resources log expenses in their existing solution, teams can spend more time serving clients and less time learning new software.

Give project teams visibility into expenses and budgets

Expenses logged in Expensify automatically populate your Mavenlink project workspace, so you can understand where your budget stands and act accordingly.

Invoice with ease

Once the work is complete, easily invoice for time and expenses using Mavenlink or your preferred invoicing solution. Mavenlink supports both Fixed-Fee and Time and Materials (T&M) engagements.