Cloud ERP, Meet Cloud Project Management

Create a seamless relationship from project creation to cash collection. With comprehensive project management and resource planning, Mavenlink delivers accurate project financials to Intacct’s leading cloud-based ERP solution.

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Your finance team needs visibility into your projects process so they can accurately forecast revenue. Your accounting teams wants to avoid redundant data entry while accelerating cash collection.

Enter Mavenlink’s Intacct integration, which connects a best-in-class ERP with Mavenlink’s cloud-based project delivery solution. Give your delivery team the unified project management and resource management platform that works seamlessly with your existing process in Intacct for managing your accounting and finance activities.

  • + Learn which projects can accelerate revenue
  • + Improved communication between project delivery teams, accounting, and clients
  • + Supply accounting with visibility into when projects are created

Sync project activity

Start each client engagement in Mavenlink, where your teams can track time and expenses. Once approved, these entries transfer seamlessly to Intacct for invoicing.

Accelerate cash collection

Delivery teams get visibility into invoice amount and status, so they know when to follow up and when to sell more work.

Accurately forecast revenue

As project timelines and payment milestones change, anticipated order entries adjust automatically.

With this integration, you’ll link key project information with Mavenlink and Intacct, including:

  • Projects
  • Time
  • Expenses
  • Order Entries
  • Invoice Amount
  • Invoice Status
  • + More