Deliver Agile Software Predictably and Profitably

Mavenlink’s JIRA integration makes it possible for organizations to automatically synchronize project information between the two applications.

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Software development teams use JIRA to ship early and often. Agile’s fast and flexible methodology creates a need for tighter integration. Project managers, resource planners, and client-facing teams need a way to understand current priorities and timeframes — without time-consuming status meetings.

Enter Mavenlink’s JIRA integration. By synchronizing key delivery data, stakeholders can understand the progress of every project … without pulling engineers away from their work.

  • + Improved communication between team members using different systems
  • + Increased efficiency by avoiding redundant data entry through bidirectional communication between the two systems
  • + Improved reliability on the accuracy of information in each system

Translate JIRA stories into robust project plans

Build detailed project plans from your dev team’s stories, issues, and sprints. As they deliver, you see the progress on your Gantt chart.

Understand the true cost of software delivery

Set project budgets in Mavenlink, then monitor your burndown as engineers track hours in JIRA. By translating time tracked into dollars spent, you see the true cost of delivery.

Stay in sync without leaving your preferred app

Synchronize JIRA messages with Mavenlink activity feed posts to facilitate cross-team communication. Other information synchronized includes:

  • Time Entries
  • Comments
  • Sprints
  • Issues
  • + More