Sync Time and Expenses for Better Invoicing

Mavenlink’s integration with Xero makes it quick and easy to select time and expense entries to invoice. Leverage the advanced functionality of Xero to send customized invoices and gain visibility into payment status from Mavenlink.

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With Mavenlink and Xero, your project and accounting teams stay in sync. With Mavenlink, your team can easily and accurately track time and expenses. Bring your billable-work information seamlessly into your Xero environment, or invoice directly from Mavenlink. When cash is collected, Xero automatically updates your project status to keep everyone on the same page.

  • + Give relationships owners a real-time view into payment status
  • + Customize detailed invoice based on the advanced functionality of Xero
  • + Improve communication between project delivery teams, accounting and clients

Easily bring time and expense data into invoices

Work with time and expenses in directly in Xero after tracking them in Mavenlink.

Customize invoices with all the important information

Quickly create invoices for each client based on data pulled from Mavenlink, including:

  • Client Name
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Currency
  • Hours
  • Amount
  • Tax Rate
  • Notes
  • + More

Give your team visibility into payment status

Relationship holders stay updated on payment statuses with a real-time view into logged and outstanding payments.