The Professional Services Pursuit

The Professional Services Pursuit

Expert advice. Trends. Best Practices.

Our goal is simple: to give professional services leaders a place to go to be inspired and tap into expert advice, trends and best practices in our collective pursuit of excellence. From agencies to IT services and every PS organization in between, our hosts and guests will provide the insights you need to drive a resource first organization and do what you do best, only better.



Episode 9

Moving From Financial Charters to Driving Customer Adoption w/John Ragsdale

Episode 8

Positioning Your Business for Success while Avoiding Unprofitable Growth w/ Tim Williams

Episode 7

Industry Merger Shakes Up the PS Technology Industry: Meet the Leader of the Mavenlink / Kimble Organization

Episode 6

Calibrating Against Change and Developing a Strategic Operations Mindset w/ Melissa Korzun

Episode 5

Balancing Culture and Strategy in a Modern Agency

Episode 4

Finding Competitive Advantage with a Liquid Workforce w/ John Ragsdale

Episode 3

Defusing Talent Pressure Points to Find Harmony Between Project Managers and Resource Managers w/ Peter Taylor

Episode 2

The Challenges and Trends Shaping The Future of Services Delivery w/ Ray Grainger, Sean Crafts & Roger Neel

Episode 1

Welcome to The Professional Services Pursuit