Episode 6

December 2, 2021

Calibrating Against Change and Developing a Strategic Operations Mindset w/ Melissa Korzun

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Melissa Korzun, the Managing Director of Client Transformation, Strategy and Operations at TeleTracking joins the show! Host Matt Finch uncovers insights from Melissa on her Professional Services strategy and operations role and the impact it has had on their business; including:

  • Events that led to the development of the Strategy and Operations role
  • The importance of balancing focus internally and on clients
  • Taking stock of operational imperatives to define organizational direction
  • Understanding what is traction vs. a distraction
  • The importance of strategic internal communication
  • Giving teams the visibility and sponsorship to take ownership of projects and solve problems where they exist
  • A conversation on culture and not being afraid to fail

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Matt Finch

Vice President, Global Solutions Consulting and Enablement

Matt Finch is a 20 year software and services industry leader who has led pre sales, sales and services teams across a variety of software companies. Matt’s early career was involved in one of the UKs first SaaS startups in the late 90s and then one of Europe’s largest consulting organizations. Following a move to the West Coast almost a decade ago he has been growing solutions consulting organizations at global software companies ever since. Matt’s passion for technology and process improvement focuses him on helping companies reach their potential and realize the value of the software they implement through a relentless focus on outcomes and adoption.


Brent Trimble

Managing Director, Marketing Service & Agency Vertical

Brent Trimble is a 15+ year agency leadership veteran who has led agency growth and operation initiatives. As Mavenlink’s Agency Managing Director & VP of Advisory Services, he specializes in mapping and improving agency workflows. Deploying market understanding and best practices, Brent helps agencies refine processes and staffing dynamics. He isolates key metric improvements resulting in faster revenue recognition and ultimately models performance impact. Before joining Mavenlink Brent held positions at Interpublic Group, Accenture, WPP, independent agencies and consulting firms.

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