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Mavenlink Professional

Enjoy one cohesive environment for managing your team’s projects as well as your business’s financials. Plan successful projects by leveraging Mavenlink’s robust project management capabilities. Track time and expenses against each project, so you can track budget performance in real-time. The same solution lets you invoice clients once the work is delivered.

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Mavenlink Professional Includes:

  • Team Collaboration

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  • Project Management

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  • Project Accounting

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  • Resource Planning

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  • Business Intelligence

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Project Management

Keep projects focused and on track with up-to-date schedules and timelines you can see. Use Gantt Charts to illustrate your project's progress in real-time, see what project activities are crucial to completing the project to expectation, and easily track project updates over time.

Task Management

Create and manage project activities, milestones, deliverables, and issues in a drag-and-drop task list. Build a multi-level work breakdown structure (WBS) with nested tasks.

Task Assignment & Duration

Set task start dates, due dates, and priority levels. Assign tasks to project participants to clarify responsibilities. Team members can update task status as their work progresses.

Schedule Management

Manage each project's schedule in a list or timeline-based view. Schedule task dates manually or based on task duration and relationships.

Gantt Charts

Visualize each project's tasks and timeline on an interactive gantt chart. Drag-and-drop tasks to adjust dates and durations.

Task Dependencies

Establish task relationships in a project's gantt chart to signify dependencies between activities. When a task schedule is changed in gantt, all dependent tasks shift accordingly.

Critical Path Analysis

Highlight the tasks in a project's critical path on the gantt chart to identify which activities directly impact delivery dates.

Project Baseline & Variance Analysis

Record snapshots of your gantt chart and budget to create a baseline. Compare the current schedule against any previous snapshot to analyze variance.

Project Plan Templates

Build reusable project templates that include tasks, gantt charts, budgets, and assignments. Customize and apply templates to create new projects in seconds. Save an existing project plan as a template to replicate success.

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Project Accounting

Take control of project finances. Calculate project budgets, monitor budget changes, and set bill and cost rates to members of your project team. Go from tracking time and expenses within a project workspace to invoicing clients for your work when ready, all in one integrated system.

Time & Expense Tracking

Track billable and non-billable time at the project or task level. Log expenses and save receipts from your phone using Mavenlink's HTML mobile app.

Budgeted Projects & Tasks

Set a project budget to track spend as the work is delivered. Time and expenses logged show up as budget used, making it easy to monitor the spend rate.

Time Cards & Expense Reports

Enable time and expense approvals to review submitted time entries and expenses reports before they are invoiced. Managers can review and accept/reject with notes to the project participant.

Invoicing & Online Payments

Create and submit invoices for billable projects within the project workspace. Include fixed fee deliverables, time and materials, expenses, or all three. Roll-up multiple projects for a single client into one invoice. Accept online payment via Paypal to accellerate cash collection.

Grey icons projects collab

Team Collaboration

Set up projects, assign tasks, and watch project activity come alive in one cohesive space. Project collaborators within a project can post status updates, communicate (privately or publicly) surrounding deliverables, timelines, and feedback, share work, and track tasks as they are completed. Teams can also integrate with Google to make collaboration even easier.

Your Dashboard

Give each user a single view across all of their active projects. The latest posts, files, and upcoming tasks are synthesized from all projects in which a user participates.

Project Workspaces

Collaborate with team members in a dedicated, web-based workspace for each project. See project participants, the latest project activity, and upcoming tasks at a glance.

Activity Feed

View all project-related communication in a familiar, chronological feed. Visit the activity feed for a specific project, or view a cross-project feed on the Dashboard.

File Sharing

Upload files and attach Google Drive files to share them with collaborators. Mention specific users and link files to tasks for easy reference.

Public & Private Messages

Communicate with your team, subcontractors, and clients in a convenient, centralized location. Post to all collaborators or limit posts to specific teams/individuals. Mention users to trigger a notification, and link posts to a task to provide context.

Access Permissions

Set account and project-level permissions to control who sees sensitive information and who can administer a project. Grant view-only access to include stakeholders while protecting project plans.

Mobile App

Access your Mavenlink projects and perform common actions from nearly any mobile device with an HTML5 mobile app. Check project status, create tasks, track time and expenses, and post messages on the go.

Integrations & API

Google Apps Integration

Share Google Drive files on posts in projects and on tasks. Access your Google Contacts to easily invite coworkers to projects. Sync your Mavenlink work with your Google Calendar and Google Tasks.

Services & Support

24/7 Live Support

Access support from a Mavenlink product expert around the clock. We offer 24/7 support via email or Live Chat.

Knowledge Base

Read helpful overview articles and FAQs on how to use the product and features to their full potential in our Knowledge Base.

Usage & Configuration

Your Mavenlink experience can be customized to fit your company's needs, from incorporating your brand logo, colors, and owning a custom domain.

Custom Branding

Customize the Mavenlink experience to feel like an extension of your website and brand. Include your logo, company colors, and create customized project team names.

Custom Subdomain

Get a unique Mavenlink URL customized for your company.

Mavenlink Professional

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