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General & Administrative Tasks

Track all G&A (Non-Billable) Tasks to Accurately Report Margins

Ensure Accurate Margins with G&A Time Tracking

Billable resources performing non-billable work can now be tracked. When your resources spend time on general and administrative (G&A) tasks, this project plan helps you easily record their time, so it doesn’t shift your margin reporting. Use this template to figure out how much time your resources are spending on non-billable work.

Allocate Resources for G&A Tasks to Track Non-Billable Work

Establish this template as your G&A time tracker. Whether you plan non-billable work by team, department, or company, this template helps you take back control over time-tracking. Ensure your resources have enough hours allocated to important G&A tasks without overspending on non-billable hours. Your projects will run more effectively, and you’ll better manage this business cost.

What is a Mavenlink Project Template?

Mavenlink Features

  • Green icon check Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Green icon check Gantt Chart Project Plan
  • Green icon check Task Assignment & Scheduling
  • Green icon check Resource Planning
  • Green icon check Time and Expense Tracking
  • Green icon check Budgeted Project and Tasks
  • Green icon check Cost and Bill Rates
  • Green icon check Performance Analytics

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