Full cycle resource management

How Full-Cycle Resource Management Leads to Project Success

It is also tricky, really tricky.

It’s time for a new way... The right people on the right projects = success.

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Resources are the Foundation of Your Success

In services, your people are your revenue source. Project success, client satisfaction, and your profits all rely on effective planning and staffing of resources.
Quantifying the Value of Resource Management
hrs/wk X
$ 200
$ 1.44 m
If 15 resources add 10 hours of billable work per week, that means a total of 150 extra billable hours each week. Assuming a bill rate of $200 per hour, that means an extra $30,000 revenue each week, or an additional $1.44 million profit each year.
Resource experience foundation

Pressure is Building.
It's Getting More Difficult.

As the complexity of delivering services continues to accelerate, so do the complexities surrounding resource management.
of services executives said that it has become harder to operate a services business in the last 12 months
Resource experience pressure

Existing Resource Management Processes Can’t Keep Up

Unfortunately, many businesses have siloed systems and haphazard resource management processes.

The process is labor intensive, time consuming and disorganized. It can’t keep pace with work today.

of services leaders believe that they now have too many systems
Resource experience process

The Impact: Poor Performance and Stressed Employees

Sub-optimization of resources is driving down your billable utilization rates, margins, and client satisfaction. It can also burn out your employees.
Research shows that resource management issues are consistently the biggest challenges for any services organization.
Resource experience poor performance

Improve Your Process, Improve Your Business

Designing and selling projects with good margins is not the hard part. It’s managing the high degree of change mid-project that is incredibly difficult.

You need an approach that aligns with the way you work— dynamic, constant, evolving.

Full-Cycle Resource Management

A holistic approach that mirrors the service delivery lifecycle, taking resource management from tactical to strategic.
cycle Full-Cycle Resource Management Estimate Deliver Analyze Plan

Estimate Effectively

Start the process early and create resource scenarios based on deals in the pipeline. This will set projects up for success, and improve forecasting accuracy.

Resource overlay Resource estimate background Resource estimate foreground

Plan Proactively

Build the first plan at a high level, matching unnamed resources to projects based on skills, roles, and availability. This takes resource planning from tactical to strategic and maximizes project profitability.

Resource overlay Resource plan background Resource plan foreground

Deliver Decisively

Closely track resource performance as the project gets underway, and swiftly move around misallocated resources to enhance utilization and likelihood of project success.

Resource overlay Resource deliver background Resource deliver foreground

Analyze Accurately

Use insights, data, and analytics to understand the success, utilization rates, and profitability of a project or client to apply knowledge to the processes and improve overall operations.

Resource overlay Resource analyze background Resource analyze foreground

Reimagine Resource Management

Mavenlink is built to address the entire resource management cycle in one collaborative, easy to use application—enabling unmatched resource visibility, and the ability to swiftly manage change.
cycle Full-Cycle Resource Management Estimate Deliver Analyze Plan
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