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How much can you make?
First, share some details about your business.
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There are billable resources on my team.
This should be the total number of people at your company that complete work you charge your clients for hourly.
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Our resource utilization rate is %
Utilization rate is the percentage of time a worker spends doing billable work. For example, a person may bill for 30 hours of work a week. The utilization rate would be 75% for a 40 hour work week.
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Compare Average Rates
68 %
63 %
62 %
We charge clients about
$ per hour.
We understand bill rates vary across resources and industries. Consider this an estimate to help us show you the value of an improved utilization rate.
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Compare Average Rates
$ 200
$ 155
$ 188
According to your responses, we have estimated your current annual services revenue to be:
Now, find out how much additional revenue you could generate with some improvement.
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RealizeYour Potential
Improving your billable utilization rate can have a significant impact on revenue. Use the slider to discover the possibilities for your organization. Based on your current revenue, we've calculated the additional revenue your team could see in the first year. Mavenlink clients often see a 10-50% improvement.
Additional Revenue Per Year
71 %
Current Utilization Rate