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We are in the midst of a pivotal transformation. What is required for services businesses to compete today is changing the structure of traditional enterprise, and what is emerging are highly efficient, scalable, and global organizations. However, not every services business has embraced or fully aligned with the changing landscape of the industry. This transformation is the catalyst for the formation of business ecosystems, which is changing how we work forever. The businesses that understand and leverage this transformation to become more efficient and profitable will become succeed and become leaders in their market. However, understanding the Service Level Economy today and preparing for the future requires constant care and attention.
Today, the industries that serve businesses with professional or creative services are undergoing a period of significant transition. Businesses trying to adapt to globalization are looking to be more lean and nimble, and increasingly relying on service providers to conduct critical aspects of their work. This is leading to an epic rise in demand for the services sector. At the same time, services providers are facing similar external pressures, which is materializing as increased competition, higher client expectations, compressed delivery timelines, and tighter margins. Services firms need to adapt — or risk getting left behind. As a result, forward-thinking services leaders are designing new operating models and adopting new technology solutions that allow them to better connect, orchestrate, and optimize their businesses. This is driving us into the next era of business.
The following serves as both a place to inform and spark discussion on the topic of the Service Level Economy. The aim is to provide insights that will help all participants thrive today and far into the future.
The Future of Work is Now
The following chapters explore the Service Level Economy and how to succeed in this new era of business.