The New Model Emerging
What used to work just fine is inadequate today. Tools aren’t enough, service providers need a new philosophy.
As a result, forward-thinking services leaders are designing new operating models that allow them to better connect, orchestrate, and optimize their businesses. A new set of guiding principles is emerging: models that allow optimum scalability, a relentless focus on improving business performance, unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency with clients, and the ability to offer both a broad range of series for clients and be hyperspecialized.
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Not having a headquarters for a company of $30 billion is pretty unique. Everything is digital in terms of communication. This is the way (our millennials employees) work. This new world is very natural for them.
Pierre Nanterme
CEO of Accenture
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Video interview on Fortune.com, how Accenture CEO runs a digital workplace
More than half of all respondents said their organization’s success is increasingly tied to relationships with organizations in adjacent industries.
The Ecosystem Equation:
Collaboration in the Connected Economy
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Publicis has created its new approach to emerging markets... ‘Publicis One’ could be a new model for agencies across the globe.
The Drum
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Service providers today need new models and strategies. They need new underlying systems that facilitate every aspect of their business. Tools aren’t enough. Service providers need a new philosophy.
Ray Grainger
Thriving in the Service Level Economy
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The Network Imperative—by digital platform expert Barry Libert—is a call to action for managers and executives to embrace network-based business models. The benefits are indisputable: companies that leverage digital platforms to co-create and share value with networks of employees, customers, and suppliers are fast outpacing the market. These companies, or network orchestrators, grow faster, scale with lower marginal cost, and generate the highest revenue multipliers. So, the question isn’t whether your organization needs to change, but when and how much.
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