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Business intelligence is the rock upon which key strategic decisions are built, and for decisions to be truly gainful, they need to be data-driven.

Nevertheless, collecting massive amounts of data makes no sense if they are stale, confusing, or unworkable.

Raw data needs to be analyzed and converted into relevant business insights that will empower key decision makers to act swiftly and with confidence.

Quality data to get the results you want

Data is valuable for organizations to better understand their customers, improve their services, build up competitive intelligence, observe trends, and create forecasts, among other advantages. However, you cannot access these gains without the proper Business Intelligence tools that make it possible to create value from huge amounts of raw data.

As data becomes increasingly dense and complicated, organizations with a growth mindset require analytics solutions and tools that go beyond basic reporting.

Business Intelligence reporting is a process that effectively collects, prepares, and analyzes data for the purpose of extracting insights that are useful and relevant to an organization.

Typically, there are two ways to do Business Intelligence reporting:
  • One is through managed reporting, where data analysts or IT personnel are assigned to collect and prepare data for presentation to business users in a manner that even non-technical team members can comprehend. Basically, this method relies heavily on technical experts who develop, create, and distribute the report, ready for analysis by end users.
  • The other is called ad-hoc reporting, in which end users are provided with the appropriate tools that enable them to create their own reports without having to ask for help from technical specialists. This type of reporting allows everyone on the team to be more self-sufficient and hands-on with their data. It also encourages greater interaction, collaboration, and team effort throughout the project lifecycle.

These days, more and more professional services organizations recognize the value of encouraging team members to build their own reports, discover their own insights, propose their own plan of action, and execute accordingly.

Having teams work together on the same Business Intelligence platform also creates a single source of truth where members can gain quick access to quality data and share it with others.

Equipped with the right BI software, even non-technical personnel can understand business metrics on a more granular level. Data analysis becomes faster, more accurate, and ready to go for smarter, sharper, data-driven decisions.

Understand data in-depth

Valuable information from BI reporting can be derived from a variety of software and tools, all with the aim of providing insights that take business users from data to decisions.

More advanced BI software can also customize reports so that users can select and focus on the particular data they need for their actual project, functioning like an internal analytics tool that constantly updates team members with accurate information at any given time, while providing Business Intelligence data for the entire organization.

Aside from streamlining analysis and distribution of data, BI tools also allow the team to produce data visualizations like charts, graphs, tables, and maps that help illustrate major trends and patterns. Visual analysis turns vast amounts of information into images that are easier to recognize and understand even at a glance, as compared to poring over several pages of dispersed data.

Well-developed and compelling data visualizations have the power to influence leaders to derive business insights more effectively -- allowing them to make quicker, bolder, more accurate decisions that can mean the difference between profit and loss for a company.

Of course, not all Business Intelligence software is created equal. In choosing a BI platform for your organization, your primary consideration should be how it matches your unique business needs and potentials, now and in the future. Not only does it help that you use tools that are customizable, they also need to be scalable so that it’s flexible enough to grow with you.

Prepare for the future with better insights

Mavenlink’s Business Intelligence & Analytics features enterprise-grade Business Intelligence and powerful reporting features that give you all the insights you need to get the results you want.

With its built-in expertise and maximum flexibility, Mavenlink Business Intelligence is an exceptional analytical toolkit that provides expert-built reports that address complex business questions, which used to be impossible or too painstaking to resolve, and at the same time delivers custom-reporting and BI that answer the unique questions that matter to your business.

Whether yours is a rising agency or a stellar enterprise, Mavenlink Insights helps you focus on the essential questions that affect business performance and provides fresh, data-driven ideas for reaching your goals – whether they revolve around higher margins, realizing optimal utilization, or something as simple as project delivery that’s on-time, on-track, and on budget.

With Mavenlink Insights, you get the visibility you need to make swift, knowledgeable decisions powered by interactive BI reports and a robust custom reporting engine.

Key features include:
  • 70+ expert-built reports that automatically answer key questions that impact profitability, utilization, and project success
  • Capability to filter, clone, and modify any report
  • Data refreshed every hour
  • Ad hoc report builder to develop your own unique reports and dashboards

While standard analytics feature conventional report filters that tell you what is happening to your business now, Mavenlink Insight’s advanced filters and unlimited custom reports enable you to predict future outcomes more accurately based on both current and historical data.

Predictive analytics also make it easier to recognize both risks and opportunities for more informed decisions about your people, projects, and profits.

Create Your Own Success Story with Mavenlink

1. All the Data You Need in One Spot

While companies rely on business insights for more effective decision-making, poor data quality can easily derail expected outcomes. Mavenlink Business Intelligence eliminates silos and merges all critical operational data into report dashboards that can be custom-built to meet your team’s specific needs.

"Transparency is key. With Mavenlink, we are all looking at the same data, and area all on the same page. With immediate insight into projects, no one in our business is looking at anything different."

— Erika Bellido, Operations Analyst, Blue State Digital

2. Look to the Future, Confidently

Extensive forecasting capabilities allows business users to predict revenue, margins, and resource capacity with views that include past, present, and future demands.

"Mavenlink is solving project planning from a financial and resource point of view. This is really important because it sways business decisions and helps us plan very accurately for upcoming projects. Mavenlink is the source of truth."

— Gearoid Beggan, Senior Engagement Manager, Pexlify

3. Drive Greater Operational Efficiency

Improve data accuracy and eliminate time-consuming manual work. With data-supported recommendations, you’ll be able to increase workflow speed and secure faster feedback on key strategic decisions.

"Mavenlink stood out to us for the capabilities that they had across resource management, project management, ease of use, user interface, and the ability to have an analytics engine with critical insights. The insights reports were really a key differentiator."

— Mark Munson, Director, Client Delivery, TeleTracking Technologies

4. Empower Your Delivery Team

Optimize teamwork and improve individual execution by empowering everyone with greater business visibility, control, and actionable data that’s relevant to their role.

"We’re big data nerds here, so the ability for anyone, leadership, managers, whatever your role is, to see data the same way is amazing. We’ve not only used the out-of- the-box reporting, but have created a lot of custom reports. It’s all coming from the same data pool, which makes it dependable."

— Julia Robinson, Sr. Project Manager, RPI

5. Create Reports Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs

Define what success means to your business by building reports around specific metrics that help you measure its attainment. Create a wide variety of customized reporting templates to fit the needs of your uniquely-structured teams.

"In the past we were spending 80% of our time creating a report, while spending 20% actually analyzing it and drawing conclusions. Now it’s the exact opposite. We spend 20% of the time creating the reports, and 80% analyzing it. This has allowed us to be much more effective with our data."

— Steve Kouloumendas, Principal Consultant, Anywise

6. Integrate and Utilize Data From Any Source

Many services organizations start out by using a variety of analytics solutions to support their needs. But as the business grows, they realize that the lack of integration greatly impedes the flow of valuable insights on critical business processes they need moving forward.

With Mavenlink M-Bridge, you can connect and extend your tech stack to the extent of your imagination using the industry’s only OpenAPI-based, services-centric integration platform.

"The connection between Salesforce and Mavenlink has made a major impact on how we run our business."

— Mimi Moore, Vice President of Resource Management, Huge, LLC

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