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Consulting is defined as "the business of providing expert advice to a specific group of people."

Professional consultants are industry-specific specialists or subject matter experts who are called in to analyze a company’s performance – usually along the lines of operations, profitability, management, structure, and strategy -- in order to recognize and resolve problems.

They help the business grow and move forward by developing new approaches on how they can meet their goals faster, more efficiently, and with better results.

Given its common definition, most people believe that business consulting operates exclusively on giving advice but this is not always the case.

Success whisperers

While a consultant’s unique insights and expertise are highly valued by an organization, more often than not the client also expects some quantifiable service.

Some consultants deliver turnkey services where they undertake the entire project from design to execution, ready for the clients to operate.

Meanwhile, other consultants work alongside the clients and manage only specific phases of the project, while continuing to provide overall guidance and instruction.

As service offerings, the terms "consulting services" and "professional services" are often used interchangeably.

Seeing that the business climate is increasingly tense and competitive across all industries worldwide, more and more companies rely on consultants to steer them through rough waters and tight situations.

What consultants really do

Professional consultants contribute to a company’s growth and expansion in many ways. Depending on their client’s needs, consultants are usually engaged in any or all of the following tasks:
  • Provide specialized insights and advice on a particular market or industry
  • Identify organizational issues and offer expert solutions
  • Augment manpower by serving as temporary, highly-skilled team members
  • Offer fresh and critical perspectives on possible challenges that clients may not be able to see on their own
  • Provide objective advice and independent points of view when tough choices and decisions have to be made
  • Initiate and oversee major restructurings or shake ups within the company
  • Introduce new knowledge, skills, and mindsets through employee training and company-wide programs that encourage team collaboration

Obviously, business consulting goes way beyond opinions. And for such complex and critical services, it has become imperative for today’s consultancy firms to rely on project management tools – particularly cloud-based solutions – to help them organize and supervise multiple client projects simultaneously.

Streamlining the business of consulting

More than just analyzing a company’s performance and coming up with a list of viable options for better performance, good business consulting is also about improving margins, maximizing utilization, and meeting -- if not exceeding -- client expectations.

When consultants also deliver project management services, it also becomes essential for them to communicate effectively and connect with all the team members involved in client projects. This requires the ability to bring everyone to a single platform where ideas, challenges, and solutions can be discussed in real time so that everybody is on the same page.

To keep up with the ever-growing, ever-expanding, and ever-evolving demands of business consulting, finding the right project management software can be a real game changer. And in some cases, perhaps even a life saver.

Some of the most important features to consider when choosing management software for consultants include:
  • User-friendly onboarding
  • Out-of-the-box flexibility
  • Easy collaboration
  • Integrated accounting and billing
  • Time tracking and forecasting
  • Ability to customize
  • Comprehensive and powerful reporting functionality
  • Scalability and seamless integration with other platforms

Developed by consultants. For consultants.

Mavenlink Consulting Project Management Software is designed to help consulting businesses to improve margins, maximize resource utilization, and achieve greater client satisfaction within a branded, centralized, and collaborative platform.

Robust and flexible, it is an all-in-one business consulting software that is built by service delivery professionals, for service delivery professionals.

"Mavenlink gave us a vision that matches our overall system architecture and satisfies both our financial and our professional services departments. This new system of record helps us improve our project lifecycle by focusing on the important areas of resource management, project management, collaboration, project accounting, and business intelligence."

— Nicolas Urena, Director of Innovation and Solutions, Big Bang

With its award-winning project management software, Mavenlink helps consultants in project leadership roles to manage and track progress, schedule and plan resources, monitor and improve performance, and provide seamless connections to the solutions they depend on most, like CRM, Financials, HCM, among others – keeping everything centralized, convenient and readily accessible.

What do top consultants and project leaders love about Mavenlink?

Easy-to-Use Project Communication

Mavenlink provides real-time visibility through Gantt chart functionality that provides the project team with the ability to quickly drag and drop tasks through an easy-to-use interface. It also enables live updating capabilities via task lists and threaded interactions that help team members communicate urgent needs, and an integrated view of the project resource plan that provides a complete view of project team members and their schedules.

"Mavenlink is all-encompassing; we manage our entire project lifecycle in Mavenlink. From the day we decide to bid on a project all the way through the final invoice, all activity is managed in one place. That was a huge benefit for us."

— Kevin Jenkins, Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, MGT Consulting Group

Greater Control Over Finances and Time Tracking

The ability to enter and apply time to any project in a central system is crucial to its success. With Mavenlink, users can track burn rates, deadlines, and resource utilization all in one place so every project hits the mark. It also helps improve resource allocation, keeps an eye on project budget spend, and provides insights into financial performance for better margins.

"Being able to cross-reference time entries, project budget, and scheduled/budgeted time for each resource in one place has been so helpful. It saves a lot of time because it is no longer a manual task. It allows us to see in real-time exactly where the project stands."

- Crystal Dicken, Project Coordinator, RPI Consultants

Improved Strategic Deployment of Resources

There is a significant difference between strategically assigning resources to projects and simply deploying people who are available. To maximize productivity and profitability, Mavenlink allows greater visibility to real-time resource utilization and skills, so that the right people and cost rates can be matched to the client’s actual project needs and desired margins.

"As a professional services firm, you need to have immediate access to the right information about your salable resources; things like skills, expertise and interests allow us to create the right team to tackle every client challenge."

— Joanne McHugh, Managing Director, Navigant Consulting

Gaining Critical Insights with Dashboards

Mavenlink highlights what matters most in a consulting practice. Custom-built executive dashboards allow full access to crucial insights needed for seamless and gainful project delivery. With increased visibility, consultants can make important decisions in resource planning and allocation, identify any at-risk projects or projects with timelines in jeopardy, and implement project strategies to ensure long-term success.

"Mavenlink has opened my eyes. Overall reporting and Insights are driven by dynamic metrics that reveal clear and present paths to revenue and profits, with helpful visuals of where we are and where we are going. In the past, we had to base this on nothing more than unreliable best estimates. Now, I can’t imagine doing my job without Mavenlink."

– Amanda Davenport, Operations Analyst, Novo Group, Inc.

Improved Data Quality and Powerful Reporting

Unlike manual reporting, Mavenlink’s project management software for consultants provides quality data that are trustworthy and reliable. Mavenlink Insights reports the actionable data needed to improve financial performance and drive long-term success. Insights also delivers forecasting and helps identify trends that are useful for building or reinforcing business strategies.

"Mavenlink Insights gives us the ability to do reporting that we could never get before… We are confident in how we are moving forward."

- Grant Anderson, Director, Consulting Operations, Vizient

Integrated and Extended Workspace

With Mavenlink at the center of the business ecosystem, users can connect their project management platform with other important tools in their tech stack, molding them together to execute with precision and extend with ease. Strengthen accounting, forecasting, resource management and scheduling, hiring decisions, margins, client transparency, and more with the Mavenlink M-Bridge Integration Platform -- the first purpose-built integration platform for services organizations.

"Master Planning and Mavenlink’s M-Bridge integration with Netsuite has helped us ensure that all project-related financials are synced correctly and managed well."

— Nicolas Urena, Director of Business Innovation and Solutions, Big Bang

With Mavenlink’s integration capabilities, business consulting firms gain a competitive advantage derived from more efficient workflow, greater flexibility, contextual project management, and empowered team members.

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