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Managing a marketing campaign requires unusual dexterity and nimbleness in juggling a wide variety of moving parts and shifting processes.

One miss and everything can come crashing down.

Marketing Project Management Software can reduce the risk of bottlenecks and breakdowns in the development, supervision, and delivery of a marketing campaign.

It allows project managers to gain greater visibility and control of the project, set realistic deadlines, build a roadmap based on actual resource availability and capacity, eliminate delays, and make sure they are aligned with the company’s financial goals at all times.

Moreover, companies can plan for future needs through quality business insights derived from custom reporting capabilities that empower leadership to understand trends over time and use them in making purposeful, data-driven decisions.

Less is More

A steadily increasing number of professional services organizations have tapped into the convenience of using project management software to handle project planning, scheduling and timeline, utilization of team members, task management, and other factors that determine successful project delivery.

However, many creative and marketing agencies continue to rely on a mishmash of disparate solutions, as well as traditional approaches like spreadsheets and email, in organizing and running their projects. It is not uncommon to find discrete tools or applications used side by side for time tracking, project management, communication, file sharing, and financials.

Eventually, project teams get tangled in a web of overloaded, outdated, and outmoded systems that only create more problems as the company grows -- slowing down operations in times when accuracy, speed, and reliability are most critical.

More often than not, decentralized tools waste time and money.

The less instruments you depend on to manage your project, the more streamlined your workflow will be. And that’s where the challenge lies – in finding that one powerful software that can replace an entire arsenal of disparate tools and which everyone on board can operate seamlessly over the entire project lifecycle.

Assessing Resources for Marketing Campaigns

Resource management is one of the functions of a project manager in a marketing campaign. Finding the right software that helps you assess the resources in your arsenal can make or break your entire marketing lifecycle. A robust solution gives you the ability to take a comprehensive look at the needs of the project from start to finish. It should be able to guide you in answering critical questions like: “Do we need to hire?” or “Are we going to be able to handle the work?” The ability to see this within the same system should be key in choosing a project management software.

Digital Asset Organization

When we speak of marketing project management solutions, Digital Asset Organization is a must-have feature. One of the common sources of frustration in marketing campaigns is how to store and organize the immense volume of digital assets that are used for every medium. Digital Asset Organization applications provide powerful tools that enable you to store, consolidate, manage, and share images, photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, and slide decks, among others. Not only does this capability provide a systematized and accessible inventory of digital content, it also makes it easier for project managers to supervise the work-in-progress.

The Power of Communication

While many processes can be automated, one that can never be replaced by any software is the power of human communication. The ability to connect, interact, and exchange viewpoints within the team – and even with key stakeholders -- is integral to the success of any marketing campaign. Today’s more advanced project management software provides a myriad of tools that connect team members efficiently, with the exchanges not only visible in real-time but also saved for future reference. Ideally, these conversations and discussions should all be kept in one place that is visible to everyone on the team from start to finish. By centralizing communication, you increase transparency and strengthen collaboration.

Project Scheduling for Marketing Campaigns

Knowing when to schedule a marketing campaign launch for the different mediums is crucial in understanding which channels are the most cost-effective. The ideal marketing project management tool should allow the team to easily adjust schedules when deadlines and priorities change. It also reflects the running cost of projects with real-time analytics, and helps end users (especially key decision makers) to understand trends over time via custom reporting capabilities.

Marketing PM for Peak Performance

If you’re in the professional services industry, investing in a robust, agile, and highly intuitive project management software has become more of a “must” than a “nice to have” element of daily life.

For your business to successfully adapt and flourish within the rapidly evolving workplace and the ever-changing demands of both clients and consumers, you need optimal visibility on all marketing project management processes and the ability to make quick, decisive calls backed by comprehensive, quality data.

Mavenlink’s Marketing Project and Resource Management Software can centralize your team’s projects, priorities, task lists, availability, messaging, and digital assets in a single solution.

With people, projects, and profits connected in a unified, collaborative platform, you have everything you need to make every project a success story.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Let the big winners tell all.

Three top marketing companies share about their unprecedented increase in performance, productivity and profitability since leveraging Mavenlink’s award-winning software for their project management processes and marketing campaigns.

Improved collaboration and company culture

CommonPlaces Interactive is a prizewinning digital agency that specializes in web development, inbound marketing, and online strategy. Earlier on, they had used a different software for their project management needs, along with spreadsheets and email as platforms for sharing and communication.

"It was difficult to keep track of various tasks and developers complained a lot about the time tracking," according to the company’s business manager Kami Raleigh. "It just wasn’t easy." The company wanted the ability to track fixed-fee versus time and materials projects, collaborate across subtasks, monitor budgets versus actuals, and prioritize tasks – and on top of these, gain more reliable financial reporting and integration capabilities – all in one marketing project management software.

In particular, Kami cited the following advantages:
  • Robust integration capabilities with other tools they were utilizing, like QuickBooks, Google Docs, IM (Slack/ Skype/Hangouts), Beanstalk, and Salesforce via Mavenlink M-Bridge
  • Ease of adoption and impressive user experience coupled with the ability to invite clients into “a really professional and clean workspace
  • Higher rate of employee satisfaction which added value to their team collaboration and company culture
  • Improved relationship with clients made possible by their ability to pull and send weekly reports, as well as other features that encourage open communication
  • Unparalleled visibility into project health by leveraging the project detail reports which are crucial to swift but incisive decision-making

Stay on top, come out on top

"Before Mavenlink, it was impossible to look at a project as a whole and know how we were doing. Especially as we experienced change in project execution, we just couldn’t stay on top of all the changes and come out on top." This was the dilemma described by Peter Smith, Chief Operating Officer and President of Golden Spiral, an integrated marketing agency.

Like many organizations, Golden Spiral started out by using disparate tools for project planning, scheduling, task management, and other project management processes for their marketing campaigns. As the company grew, they soon realized that relying on multiple applications created many inefficiencies.

According to Peter, "One of the biggest pain points was having all our project tasks in one place, and all our time tracking in another. Jumping between the systems had a negative impact on our workflow. Also, it was impossible to look at a project as a whole and know how we were doing, especially as we experienced change in project execution."

Switching to Mavenlink provided Golden Spiral’s teams with the ability to "stay on top… and come out on top" of any given project, especially when doing financial and resource planning. "I like being able to click on projects and at a glance, see the burn rates alongside the budget," said Peter, citing the customized workflows and real time marketing reports.

Within two months of using Mavenlink, the company reported rapid increase in utilization rates, a positive surge in billable utilization targets, more projects delivered on-time and on-budget, and an improved attitude among their marketing teams in using project management software and tools. And with the easy onboarding to Mavenlink, they were able to streamline their operations and eliminate bottlenecks immediately.

PM solution that supports success

Over the last decade, Scorch has been the agency behind numerous disruptive marketing campaigns for some of the most recognized brands in the world. As the company rapidly expanded in size and stature, they saw that their clients and business processes were getting too fast and too big for the platforms they were using. With offices around the world, resource management and time tracking became was burdensome and their old solutions did not yield the crucial data they needed to make critical improvements.

By switching to Mavenlink, Scorch found the perfect marketing project management software that not only fulfills their present business needs, but also provides them with business insights and critical tools for future success.

"Mavenlink is a versatile platform for agencies," said Scorch CEO Christ Buehler. "(It) stepped up and coordinated the front end of the agency where the work is being done with the back end of the agency where accounting is done."

From delivering accurate project timelines and creating a more efficient workforce, to tracking burn rates and boosting resource utilization, the agency has been able to reach its true potential through years of accelerated growth and consistently strong profit margins.

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