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No two projects are exactly the same, just like no two project management solutions are created equal.

While there are basic features common to most project management systems, leading cloud-based developers work hard to highlight their own unique selling points in order to stand out in the market.

How can you tell which project management software will yield the best results for your business? That greatly depends on the nature of the work you are engaged in.

Whatever software requirement you have, whether you belong to a creative agency or marketing services company that needs project management tools to support unlimited possibilities, a tech professional who needs highly specialized and custom integrations, or a consultant for professional services – it’s not about implementing the most complex tool in the market.

Functionality is also a major factor to consider. How comprehensive does your ideal project management software need to be to ensure successful project delivery? How many of the bells and whistles are relevant to your usual project requirements?

Ultimately, you must implement a system that is truly responsive to your project management needs and will result in a positive return on investment.

On the other hand, if you’re already using a legacy system or are looking to upgrade to a more modern project management solution for your company, it would help to ask yourself how close you’ve been to meeting your business goals using your current tools. Make a realistic assessment of which particular areas of your project management processes are being hampered by the slow, inaccurate, and uncoordinated results that usually result from using outmoded, disparate tools. This will make it easier for you to determine where the "leaks" are coming from and then decide on the best way to plug them.

At the end of the day, it pays to reflect on what your realities are at the moment versus what you really aspire to achieve. Then do some research to find the right project management solution that can help you address your current problems – and at the same time, propel you to your desired future.

6 Tips in Finding the Best Project Management Software for Professionals

Here are some tips you can find useful when searching for the project management software that’s a perfect match for your business needs:
  • 1. Do due diligence. Don’t just fall for the latest find or whichever product keeps popping up the most on social media. You need to be able to distinguish functionality from fanfare and the best way to do that is by doing your own research. Aside from the product details enumerated and explained on the developers’ websites, you can also make use of the innumerable product reviews and buyer’s guides that can be found all over the internet, many of which are written by professional tech critics or by actual software users. Choose legitimate industry blogs or those run by experts and advocates so you can make sure you get sound, valid advice. You can also get opinions and recommendations from industry colleagues who have been using cloud-based project management solutions for some time.
  • 2. Loop in your project teams. Find out exactly what your team members need by simply asking them. It always pays to get feedback from the ground troops since they’re the ones who will be using the tools every day throughout the project lifecycle. Which project methodologies do they find most useful? Or does it work better to apply a mix of different methods? What kind of automated processes, customizations, and integrations would serve their project management processes best? What’s “good to have” when it comes to communication and collaboration tools? What’s on their wish list for improving not only the way they perform presently, but also how they can optimize managing their tasks and projects down the line?
  • 3. Take advantage of free trials. Practically all leading project management solutions offer free trials for a limited period of time. If you already have a fairly good idea of the features that you are looking for based on both diligent research and reliable feedback from your team, then you can create a shortlist of products that you would like to try. Your trial experience can provide valuable insights in evaluating which project management software will be the perfect fit for your business.
  • To experience how a modern cloud-based software platform can revolutionize the way your organization works, check out this free trial from Mavenlink.
  • 4. Check for integrations. Replacing all the technology solutions your team has been accustomed to can cause unnecessary business complications. A project management software that integrates with existing third-party applications or connects to other tools via API can help make the shift to a new PM solution more efficient and streamlined.
  • 5. Flexibility is key. Because change happens. All the time. Thus, your project management software requires the flexibility to keep up with adjustments in budgets, schedules, and other factors that are prone to change at any given time.
  • 6. Make comprehensiveness your gold standard. The ideal project management software for professionals should have everything you want and more. Despite the rapid expansion of features among today’s leading project management software, only a select few can truly say that they have arrived at being a veritable “one-stop solution” that brings together all the features you might need in successful project management. To have all the tools you need in a centralized location, ready to go at your fingertips, is the holy grail in the search for the best project management solution.

Your One-Stop Solution for Delivering Project-Based Services

Mavenlink is an enterprise-class Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for professional services organizations. It is the only solution you need to establish an Operational System of Record that facilitates your entire business lifecycle, including key capabilities like resource management, project management, collaboration, project accounting, and Business Intelligence.

Service providers and consultants constantly face growing competition, compressed delivery timelines, and tighter margins from clients. Mavenlink’s award-winning SaaS solution unifies your company’s essential business functions to meet these rigorous demands and expectations.

As a single application for delivering project-based services, Mavenlink’s most valuable features include:
  • Project Management capabilities that include Gantt charts, task-level resource scheduling, portfolio health dashboards, and project plan cloning
  • Project Accounting, which pulls together time, expenses, and invoices to tasks and projects in real-time, along with time tracking and project budget monitoring for accurate assessments
  • Full-Cycle Resource Management that supports businesses in one collaborative, easy-to-use application, enabling unrivaled resource visibility, agile change management, and accurate forecasting of resource needs
  • Team Collaboration capabilities that link conversations to tasks and people while centralizing project communication and task management tools in a unified, cloud-based project workspace
  • Business Intelligence through Mavenlink Insights -- an enterprise-grade Business Intelligence (BI) solution that provides comprehensive, real-time project analytics so business users can gain control over margins, improve resource utilization, and better forecast revenue and costs. BI also delivers customized interactive reports and visualizations that reveal performance metrics across a company’s entire project lifecycle

The Mavenlink Advantage: Turn Every Project into a Success Story

As more and more professional services organizations realize that homegrown processes and legacy tools can seriously hinder -- or even hurt – their company’s productivity and profitability, the most sensible option is to replace their old systems with a more robust and powerful project management solution.

Mavenlink’s project management software offers greater speed, quality, agility, and data-driven insights that support and transform companies in ways they’ve only dreamed of.

Get a complete view of your project portfolio at a glance.

Mavenlink allows you to quickly assess the status and health of a given project or a portfolio of projects, at a glance or down to the task level – delivering all the client and project insights you need to make better decisions and improve project execution across the business.

"Mavenlink stood out to us for the capabilities that they had across resource management, project management, ease of use, user interface, and the ability to have an analytics engine with critical insights. The insights reports were really a key differentiator."

- Mark Munson, Director, Client Delivery, TeleTracking Technologies

Know the status of every task and project deliverable at any given time.

Achieve real-time visibility through detailed Gantt charts, task lists, and threaded communications that help you identify and understand your most pressing needs at any given time. An integrated view of the project resource plan also provides a complete view of your project team members and their schedules, ensuring better resource utilization when assigning tasks.

"Having visibility into resource availability allows us to set the right schedule from the beginning, which allows everyone to get the job done without interruption and all of the extra work that comes along with making changes."

- Kim Bernall, Data Scientist And Product Manager, Talisys

Continually improve project performance.

Keeping track of schedules, scope, budget, and stakeholder attitudes are all crucial to a project’s success, but can be difficult to control. Project Pulse makes project health information more accessible, visible, and useful for professional services organizations. It centralizes key project details, including financials (i.e. budget burn rates, margin information), resources, and project status into a convenient summary view accessible from almost anywhere via the Project Health dashboard on Mavenlink Insights. With accurate information at your fingertips, you can make needed adjustments without delay and develop both long- and short-term improvements in your project strategies.

"Mavenlink has been a key link in the chain for us to achieve a 360-degree view of our customer’s journey from procurement to delivery. It allows us to make data-driven decisions and continually adjust our strategy to sustain our competitive advantage and keep our customers satisfied."

- Matt Browne, CEO, Donesafe

Unlock the potential of your team and help your business thrive into the future.

Mavenlink Insights reports helps sustain profitability by providing actionable data that helps facilitate process improvements and predict future needs. Insights also provides reliable forecasting and a better understanding of trends to help strengthen business strategies and gives business users greater confidence to make data-driven decisions.

"Mavenlink Insights are fantastic. We were able to quickly build many different custom reports to replace the legacy reports our teams were used to seeing. It helped us transition processes as smoothly as possible and better serve our clients."

Lauren Weaver, Director of Implementation Productivity, DIGARC

Integrate and extend your workspace.

M-Bridge allows your team to continue using their favorite technology solutions without complicating the business process. The world’s first services-centered integrated platform, M-Bridge connects Mavenlink to every other tool in your tech stack, molding it precisely to the way you work. The result is a more efficient workflow, greater flexibility, contextual project management, and empowered team members.

"The integrations made possible by Mavenlink were important. Salesforce and JIRA integrations were big for us because we needed to enable every single person to collaborate in a single space. With Mavenlink it’s very easy for everyone to collaborate, including our customers."

- Omar Al-Omar, Senior Manager, Customer Success Operations, ServiceTitan

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