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In project portfolio management, strategic workforce planning is vital in ensuring that all your bases are covered.

Business moves at lightning speed. Project and client requirements are always changing.

Resource managers are always challenged to stay on top of the situation and know exactly what deliverables need to be completed and which resources must be allocated or acquired.

As leaders, they need to identify who their team members are, what unique skills and competencies they bring to the table, where they should be assigned, and how they can best contribute to the project.

On top of this, a winning resource manager also knows how to distribute workloads equitably, so that the project team remains engaged, motivated, and productive throughout the project lifecycle.

Future-proof your project with resource forecasting

Resource management, being the largest contributing factor to project cost and performance, also poses the biggest challenge. Professional services organizations often find themselves implementing multiple projects simultaneously while supervising each one across every stage of the engagement -- from estimating to planning to delivering to analyzing.

Resource forecasting helps managers predict and control outcomes by reducing the guesswork in resource allocation and workforce planning. Moreover, it produces critical data for anticipating future resource demands and preventing potential issues that are crucial to business growth.

Forecasting reduces risks. It ensures that you are appropriately staffed and adequately budgeted before jumping head first into a new project. It will tell you if your resource pool is proportional to the expected workload and prevent you from either overworking or underutilizing your workforce. It also optimizes resource time for greater efficiency and increased billability, preventing bottlenecks and guaranteeing that everyone is on track with the project schedule.

Ultimately, good and accurate resource forecasting future-proofs your project plan. It helps you become more flexible in adapting to changes along the way and safeguards your project from tumbling into chaos when the unexpected occurs.

Now, imagine what a "game-changer" it would be if you had a resource management forecasting software that could:
  • Enable full cycle resource management at a more granular level
  • Allow dynamic resource planning through improved resource management processes
  • Enhance collaboration and communication by integrating schedules, timesheets, and other tools that allow team members to connect smoothly and update their status in real time
  • Monitor how resources are being utilized and how they impact budget for more efficient time and expense tracking
  • Provide management and project managers with accurate reports and financial information
  • Identify potential issues and bridge gaps before they turn into losses
  • Produce more revenue by using business insights that you can use for planning future projects in terms of hiring needs, capacity, and cost-effectiveness

Predictability. Profitability. All in a single solution.

Mavenlink’s award-winning resource management and planning software gives your team a cloud-based solution for managing the entire project delivery lifecycle.

Find fearless forecasting backed by the agility, efficiency, and reporting capabilities of the most robust resource management product on the market.

You can supervise team members, track project schedules, plan resources, and oversee financial information in real time -- all in a single, user-friendly application.

Win your business goals with the Mavenlink advantage

1. Get real-time visibility into team productivity and availability so you can effectively and efficiently assign and distribute resources across your project portfolio.

Mavenlink’s Master Planning capabilities help you understand, allocate, and optimize your resources in detail for healthy margins and long-term success. Master Planning not only provides easy access to cross-project personnel planning and project-level resource scheduling, it also takes the guesswork in reallocating and reassigning resources as the project progresses.

"Being able to include skills in our resource profiles is a great Mavenlink feature and gives us the flexibility to create whichever skills we deem relevant. Now we can ensure we can get the right individual on the right projects."

- Mitch Seguin, Chief Product Officer, TribalScale

2. Derive in-depth understanding of your resources to optimize utilization and billability.

As a planning tool, Mavenlink allows greater visibility into your resource pool makeup – including their skills, planned time off, workload, assigned projects, and individual demand. Organized efficiently with dashboards, reports, and profiles, it provides resource managers with the information they need to effectively choose and deploy their workforce.

"With Mavenlink, I may have a person scheduled but I can see that they are actually looking pretty bogged down in real-time, so I can then immediately see who else is available and plug them in quickly... No one has planning and scheduling functionality like Mavenlink. It has helped us plan better, and manage change better. Clients change scope, it takes longer to complete a task than planned— these things happen. Now we have the tools to manage that change so much more efficiently."

— Tim Messink, Consulting Manager, CloudCraze

"With insight into utilization, we have moved people from busy to billable."

– Brent McLean, Chief Resource Planning and Production Officer, Paragon Consulting

3. Realize your full capacity with unrivaled visibility into your resource pool that makes forecasting revenue capacity a breeze.

Resource managers gain full access to robust capacity planning capabilities and useful insights into workforce dynamics, allowing them to make better, faster decisions, and create more effective capacity optimization strategies.

"For me, the workflow management capabilities and ability to implement workflow management by individual tasks within Mavenlink are the keys to success and are critical for the future of our business."

- Richard Cirillo, Managing Director, Taylors

"Mavenlink uncovers exciting new paths to greater revenue and productivity every day… There’s nothing more powerful than the right information."

– Amy Pepin, Controller, Novo Group

4. Stay on top of demand with reliable, resource-centric insights that can help you prepare for and respond to even the most unpredictable changes.

Mavenlink’s forecasting capabilities combine sales pipeline and backlog with active projects to help you make more informed and confident business decisions for both present and upcoming projects. Important project data like billable, non-billable, actual, and scheduled utilization views also enable you to optimize resource productivity that is critical to business growth.

"Many platforms present data that doesn’t tell a story, but not with Mavenlink. Any executive can look into Mavenlink’s Insights and make informed sound decisions. We have hundreds of projects and employees, and the ability to look at the same data across the entire business is critical."

— Ivan Todorov, EVP, Strategy and Operations, AMP Agency

5. Streamline crucial business processes.

Time to drop unreliable resource management tools that are time-consuming, inconsistent, problematic, and almost always add up costs. Mavenlink equips you with more efficient, repeatable resourcing processes that not only help in requesting resources and updating skills, but also in estimating, allocating, and scheduling project teams.

"Mavenlink has opened my eyes. Overall reporting and Insights are driven by dynamic metrics that reveal clear and present paths to revenue and profits, with helpful visuals of where we are and where we are going. In the past, we had to base this on nothing more than unreliable best estimates. Now, I can’t imagine doing my job without Mavenlink."

– Amanda Davenport, Operations Analyst, Novo Group

6. Adjust resource strategies swiftly.

Resource forecasting with Mavenlink gives you the power to quickly adapt resource plans and assignments to sudden or unforeseen changes in project needs. With Master Planning, you get unmatched connectedness and visibility into project-level execution to help you better understand project changes that impact resources and how to effectively handle these challenges. This enables you to respond swiftly and more confidently to unplanned resource issues, so you can meet your client’s expectations and business targets without skipping a beat.

"Mavenlink’s approach to resource management allows us to constantly improve the way we make business decisions based on the available resourcing data and a project's needs… Now we can look at project needs as a whole and make on-the-fly adjustments based on ideal resource scenarios because we have the visibility into our available resource pool, the tools to make changes very fast and the insights to track resourcing trends and projections— all in a single solution."

- Erika Bellido, Operations Manager, Blue State Digital

7. Integrate and extend your tech stack with the industry’s first and only OpenAPI-based, services-centric integration platform.

Mavenlink M-Bridge provides simplicity and extensibility to help professional services companies streamline their unique business process. Eliminate silos and form seamless connections by simply integrating the key apps and solutions you depend on most like CRM, ERP, HCM, office productivity, workstream collaboration, and document sharing.

With everything stacked conveniently and molded precisely to the way you work, you can view your pipeline in detail, better align sales and services delivery, improve communication across teams, manage invoices and accounting, or streamline skills management all in one place.

"Master Planning and Mavenlink’s M-Bridge integration with Netsuite has helped us ensure that all project-related financials are synced correctly and managed well."

— Nicolas Urena, Director Of Business Innovation and Solutions, Big Bang

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