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Mavenlink gives your Marketing Department newfound control over your operation. Centralize your team’s projects, priorities, task lists, availability, messaging, and digital assets in a single solution.

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Deliver projects on time

Failing to hit a target puts everyone on edge. By planning out what each project requires, you can set realistic deadlines — and hit them every time.


Identify resource needs

When your team is overcommitted, the work stops being fun. By planning the time required by everyone, you can identify resource shortages in advance — and take action.


Get more work done

Endless status meetings and review cycles kill productivity. By centralizing projects and collaboration, you can eliminate delays and accelerate delivery.

“Mavenlink has completely transformed how we do business here.”

Ben White
Marketing Production Specialist, Pearl Companies
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Project and resource management software for today’s way of working

Plan and Allocate

Build reusable project plans with nested tasks, gantt charts, and dependencies. Assign resources at the task level to understand the cost in hours and dollars.

Review and Approve Faster

Quickly share and receive feedback on nearly any file type, including audio and video. A single, collaborative proofing environment helps your team save time. Eliminate versioning confusion, compare versions in split-screen, and see who still needs to provide feedback.

Evaluate and Adapt

Easily adjust schedules when deadlines shift and priorities change. Understand the costs of projects while they’re in flight with real-time analytics, and understand trends over time with powerful custom reporting capabilities.


Say goodbye to the old way of disparate systems

Say hello to transparency around the status and cost of any project, workload capacity, and how quickly your team can turn around work. Connect your CRM, general ledger, and other critical technologies with Mavenlink’s integration platform.


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