Deliver IT Initiatives on Time, on Budget

Let’s face it: IT teams are encountering unprecedented levels of pressure to spend less and do more. What if you could deliver the efficiencies your stakeholders expect with the resources you have? Mavenlink can help.

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Get full visibility into portfolio status

Traditional PPM tools let planned and actual deliverables get out of sync. Mavenlink helps your team easily see projects falling off track, so you can address risks before they become crises.


Collaborate with internal and external resources

Mavenlink helps you scope projects, tasks, and timelines, then provides a virtual workspace so you can bring in the internal and external IT skills you need to execute.


Justify your budget requests

Without hard data, requesting needed funding is an uphill battle. Arm yourself with cost forecasts, utilization metrics, and rough scoped projects to make a defensible case.

“It’d be difficult for me to highlight my favorite aspect of Mavenlink because I like everything about it.”

Tim Pullen
CEO, CloudTech Solutions
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Introducing Mavenlink’s cloud-based PPM solution for IT teams

Manage Projects and Time

Build project plans with multi-level work breakdown structures (WBS), then assign tasks and monitor progress in real time. Track and approve time in Mavenlink, or integrate with JIRA to easily incorporate software development efforts.

Forecast Resource Needs

Pencil in resources and roles to get your rough-cut plan, then schedule individual team members to allocate their time. Track resource qualifications with skills management and identify gaps to inform hiring.

Monitor Portfolios and Performance

See the performance of individual projects or entire portfolios with powerful real-time analytics and full ad-hoc custom reporting capabilities. Track topline performance metrics like utilization and costs, then drill down for detailed answers.


Leaders, project managers, and technical resources all on the same page

Harnessing the forces of mobile, social, cloud, and big data for your company requires breaking down execution silos that exist across your IT department. By getting everyone together in the same application featuring strategic integrations, you create a single source of truth to elevate performance. View the Mavenlink Integration Platform to learn more.


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