Read about the success our customers are having after adopting Mavenlink to run their business.
  • Client communications and a project management timeline in one place

    "Mavenlink's intuitive and simple. It helps keep all my client communications and a project management timeline in one place, plus I coordinate activities with consultants on my team who manage particular aspects of projects. It's great for a small shop or solo entrepreneur who outsources work."
    -- Rick L'Amie, Moxie Marketing
  • Collaborate with multiple clients on a particular project

    "We use Mavenlink to communicate with our clients and our team of designers. Now we're able to collaborate not with just one client, but multiple clients on a particular project. Our clients have really embraced using Mavenlink."
    -- Brian Leimone, Nu Expression
  • The functionalities are awesome and they improve every day

    "We use Mavenlink daily for interaction between our clients and subcontractors. The functionalities are awesome and they improve every day. It's a low cost solution that's the total package. Invoicing, milestone tracker integration, etc...just try it!"
    -- Isaac Salvant, Snatek
  • Free up 20-25% of time per week

    "With Mavenlink, our business collaboration capabilities flow so much smoother across all of the projects we manage. At a minimum, we figure that Mavenlink has freed up 20-25% of time per week. We did not expect this much benefit coming in, and are still amazed at the efficiency gains."
    -- Justin Knechtel, The Small Potatoes
  • A collaborative, interactive project management space

    "Mavenlink has finally succeeded at creating a collaborative, interactive project management space. We could not be happier with Mavenlink's flexibility, ability to set customer expectations, and overall usefulness."
    -- Albert Carter, Konnessi
  • Build strong relationships with clients

    "I am able to bring my team into the workspace and let them work directly with clients. With the tools Mavenlink provides to communicate on all aspects of the project, and the simple task & milestone management features to set expectations, my team is able to build strong relationships with our clients."
    -- Priyadarshi Ghosh, Kloudz Computing
  • Affordable and simple

    "Mavenlink is affordable. It is simple. Clients can log into it easily. It serves several business purposes and does not complicate the process with features I do not need. It contains the essential functions I need to work efficiently with my clients. For a small business, it is an affordable solution to case or project management that engages all participants."
    -- Connie Mableson, Mableson Law Group
  • Work smart, not hard

    "I have been looking for a way to organize all my project communication and collaborate online with clients and subcontractors all in one place. My goal is to work smart, not hard. Mavenlink gets me there."
    -- Taylor Miles, webbROI
  • Almost unlimited potential with Google Apps

    "Mavenlink, Google Apps, and Google Grants have been some of the most exciting technology improvements we have made, but we are only scratching the surface. There is almost unlimited potential with Google Apps, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Mavenlink. We are very excited for what the future holds."
    -- Michelle Gilligan-Prichard, Mending Limbs