Collective Insights Consulting Builds Company on Mavenlink

Feb 18, 2021

Collective Insights Consulting Builds Company on Mavenlink

Collective Insights Consulting is a consulting start-up formed by founders from eHire and Accenture as a management and technology consulting firm whose job is to get you where you’re going. Learn how Mavenlink supported Collective Insights Consulting’s mission to build their company on our platform.

About Collective Insights Consulting

Collective Insights Consulting is driven by its core values of clients, culture, and community. Collective Insights plots a course to move every client in the right direction. The business strives to be the partner that you actually enjoy sitting down with and works hard to cultivate a team of hard-working advisors who are experts in their field.

The Challenge

With the complexities that accompany a rapidly growing company and expanding team members’ needs, it quickly became clear that a more robust resource management solution was required to support the business.

The Switch to Mavenlink

The increasing need for a modern, more in-depth project and resource management solution led to Collective Insights’ search for software. After reviewing the competition, the consulting firm chose Mavenlink for its ability to support the company’s current needs and future growth.

The Results

  • Quickbooks integration to support financial insights
  • Master Planning for better resourcing decisions
  • Accurate resource and operational forecasting
  • Support for rapid company growth and scaling

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