Partnering for Client Success
Mavenlink Partners help you innovate, grow, and thrive.
Types of Partners
Mavenlink Technology Partners extend the value of Mavenlink and promote joint customer success, providing an integrated, enriched experience for mutual clients.
Consulting & Implementation
Mavenlink Implementation Partners help clients deploy and customize Mavenlink technology.
Mavenlink Affiliate Partners recognize the value of Mavenlink and join in the promotion of Mavenlink technology and services.
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About the Mavenlink Partner Network

Mavenlink aligns with leading organizations around the globe to offer our clients more value, streamlined technology solutions, and extended expertise, all with the goal to maximize their success.

Find an integrated solution or a consulting partner in the Mavenlink Partner Network today. Or if you’re a business looking to partner with Mavenlink, we invite you to connect with us.

We’re not only a Mavenlink customer, we’re also a certified implementation partner and loving it!”
Matt Lowman / Managing Director at P3M, London UK
Becoming a Mavenlink Partner is Simple.
Does your firm have a “client first” mentality and boast either expertise in consulting to services organizations or a technology product that offers a natural integration point with Mavenlink? Or does your customer base have synergy with those Mavenlink was designed for, and referrals are on your mind?
We invite you to apply to become a Mavenlink Partner.
Partner Resources
Mavenlink’s Valued Partner (MVP) Program is for organizations that want to grow their businesses by providing exceptional tools and services to their clients.

As a partner, you get exclusive partner resources and training to help you improve your own client retention.

And for the duration of your partnership, a Mavenlink partner manager will also provide in-depth support with a focus on success for your organization and your client.

We selected Mavenlink and we started thinking, why aren’t our clients using Mavenlink? For that reason, we decided to partner with Mavenlink.”
Tim Pullen / CEO at CloudTech, Dublin
Refer a Client
Think your client is a good fit for Mavenlink? Refer your clients to start contributing to their bottom line and yours.
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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact our Partner team so we can send you material that fits your needs.
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Arm your team and your clients with exclusive training articles and resources to maximize the value of Mavenlink.
Partner Program FAQs
Program Overview
Who can participate in the Mavenlink Valued Partner Program?
The following kinds of businesses are a good fit for our MVP Program: Professional Services, Agencies, Consultancies, System Integrators, and Software Providers.
What is the MVP Program?
The MVP Program is a channel partner program seeking to build long lasting relationships and equitable partnerships for mutual success. Each party enters the relationship with agreed upon objectives and expectations.
Is there a fee to join the program?
Our MVP Program is at no cost to our partners with the exception of resellers. Due to the relationship, complexity and investment required from Mavenlink, fees will be associated for resellers.
Why should a company join the MVP Program?
Mavenlink is one of the fastest growing PSA SasS providers in the market today. We invite you to share in our growth and prosper in our success. We’ll even pay you to grow your business.
What type of sales and marketing support can we expect?
All of our partners (with the exception of referral partners) will have access to sales & marketing collateral, co-hosted webinars, social media, and access to other sales tools.
Becoming a Partner
What level of MVP is right for me?
It depends on what you’re looking for. Some partners prefer to simply exchange referral leads or work side-by-side with our sales team, while others are interested in implementing Mavenlink. Resell partners are interested in reselling Mavenlink to their clients and providing implementation and all customer support services. Lastly, technology partners are interested in integrating with Mavenlink to broaden their solution.
How do I become a partner?
To become an MVP, please fill out the partner registration form. Upon completion, someone from the partnership team will reach out to you to coordinate a phone call to discuss further.
How do I register leads?
Customer lead referrals are submitted via our Online Lead Referral Form. Just complete the fields and click submit. We’ll take things from there.
What’s the difference between a referral, a co-sell, and a resell lead?
There are three types of leads you can submit via our online lead referral form.
  • Referral: A referral is a lead our partners submit via our online lead referral form and hand off to Mavenlink. Our sales team takes over from that point. We’ll notify you when we win the sale.
  • Co-Sell: A co-sell is a lead our partners refer to Mavenlink via our online lead referral form and they stay engaged and work with our sales team throughout the sales cycle.
  • Resale: A resale lead will only be accepted when submitted by one of our certified resellers. The lead submittal makes us aware of the opportunity for tracking purposes.
MVP Revenue Share
What does the compensation look like for leads?
The revenue share for a referral, giving us a lead and letting our sales team close it, will result in a payout of 10% of the annual contract value (ACV). Revenue share for a co-sell, the partner working side-by-side with our sales team to help close the deal, results in a payout of 20% of the ACV.
When is the Partner revenue share paid out?
Commissions are paid to our partners after they have met the following conditions:
  • Complete a fully executed partnership agreement
  • Submit a lead via our online lead referral form and accepted as a new opportunity
  • The new opportunity converts to a Mavenlink sale
  • Mavenlink receives payment from the customer
  • Mavenlink will pay the partner commission 30-days after receipt of customer payment
How is revenue share paid out
Mavenlink offers two ways to receive revenue share compensation for successful Mavenlink sales. The partner can elect to receive payment in the form of a check, or the partner can elect to sign up for our Mavenlink Wallet Program. For further inquiries, please contact
I’m interested in becoming an MVP but want to remain agnostic and not be paid for referrals, what options do I have.
We certainly understand objectivity and the importance of being a trusted advisor. For that reason, we have incentive options for our partners to recognize their contributions and efforts. For more information, please reach out to and ask about The Mavenlink Wallet.
What is resale?
Resale is a type of partnership in which Mavenlink would be completely hands off with your customer. You as a resale partner, would be responsible for customer acquisition, sales, implementation, customer support, and license renewal. To find out if you’re a good fit to become a Mavenlink reseller, please fill out the partner registration form on our website and we’ll get in touch with you.
How do I become a resale partner?
A Mavenlink resale partner requires a commitment from both parties. This is the top of the food chain for our Sales & Services partners. To find out if your company is a good fit to become a Mavenlink resale partner, please fill out the partner registration form on our website or reach out to

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