Mavenlink Product Release Roundup – August 2020

Aug 21, 2020

Mavenlink Product Release Roundup – August 2020

As a worldwide leader in project and resource management, Mavenlink is continually updating our solution to provide value to you and deliver an exceptional client experience. We are pleased to share the latest additions and improvements to our product.

Insights Advanced Editor

Mavenlink Insights Advanced Report Editor helps users gain even more flexibility in custom reporting. Advanced editing enables self-service report creation and personalization to meet the unique needs of your business for deeper insights and data-driven decision making.

As a report editor, you will now have direct access to more reporting tools, including the ability to:

  • Look behind the scenes at the Insights data model
  • Manage report email schedules
  • Format emailed reports as a CSV, Excel, and more
  • Monitor data load times
  • Leverage Mavenlink’s data model visualizer
  • Copy tabs across dashboards

Forecast for Greater Success

Having a greater understanding of capacity forecasting and being able to improve your business through its insights plays a critical role in long-term success. Learn more in our ebook, Forecasting & Optimizing Capacity: Why the Future of Your Business Depends on It.

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