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Executives & Managing Partners

Why Mavenlink?

Profit drives your growth. It lets you hire more people, take on new clients, and make decisions for the future. To grow the business you want, you need to keep a constant eye on your projects. What if you could easily see into the performance of each one?

Enjoy Stronger Client Relationships

Executives spend on average 20 hours per week in meetings and another eight handling email. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to find time to close new deals and manage existing relationships. Today’s tools can help. Powerful business intelligence and custom reports help you spend less time in spreadsheets and more time delighting your clients.

Benefits for Executives and Managing Partners

  • Higher Performance.
    Get More From Each Project.

  • Track how hours are spent across multiple projects. You can see which are profitable and help those that could be more profitable.

  • Compare actual hours to projections. You can assess high performance and productivity and replicate your most successful projects.

  • Changes affect margins. See how adjustments impact your bottom line, so you can take needed actions.

  • Lower Risk.
    Know Before You Begin.

  • Understand which teams can absorb more work without impacting clients by assessing resource forecasts and availability.

  • Determine which in-flight projects are on time and on budget. Avoid surprise outcomes by correcting course early.

  • Forecast hours and roles at the task level to accurately scope project cost and timelines, so you can set appropriate client expectations.

  • Easy Hiring
    Get Your Best Team Running Fast.

  • Forecast when you’ll need to hire and when to sell more work with real-time availability forecasting.

  • Take the challenge out of onboarding by inviting new team members to existing projects. A centralized activity feed lets new resources see where a project has been and why.

  • Use role-based resource planning to identify and fill resource gaps when projects require specialized skills.

  • Repeatable Success.
    Make Every Process Smooth.

  • Save and customize successful project plan templates so your teams can sell and deliver proven, profitable projects.

  • Schedule resources on a new project to allocate their time and ensure they’ll be available to deliver on the client commitment.

  • Understand project health in real time. Interactive Gantt charts with let you easily understand where projects sit, and where they need to be.

Organizations that develop competencies in terms of people, processes and outcomes lose 12 times less money and mitigate the high cost of low performance.

Project Management Institute 2014

High Cost of Low Performance Report


Get a global overview of your key metrics. Mavenlink lets you generate a comprehensive Work-in-Progress (WIP) report in a single click. Share detailed updates about projected and actual costs, billed and non-billed items, and budgets. Do this for any customer or project in hardly any time.

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