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Finance & Accounting Teams

Why Mavenlink?

As a financial expert, you provide your company with insights and advice to strengthen the bottom line. We understand your need to stay abreast of the facts and figures, so we built the tools for you. Make your strongest decisions easily, whether you need to set corporate strategy, identify financial objectives, or manage the daily budget.

Analyze, Visualize, and Realize in Real Time

When time is money, you need software that makes it easy to take the right action. Mavenlink gives you the financial and analytical capabilities to do your job more efficiently. Build accurate, helpful financial reports easily on a quarterly, monthly, or more regular basis. Monitor cash flow and evaluate employee input and output. You’ll walk away with your best understanding of financial occurrences, so you can evolve your best fiscal strategy, from concept to execution.

Benefits for Finance and Accounting Teams

  • One Information Source.
    Make Sense in One Place.

  • All your project financials live in Mavenlink...and sync with your GL or ERP. Find what you need, synthesize information, and share your findings with stakeholders.

  • Quickly understand what the data is telling you, thanks to a clean, well-organized interface. So you can access and create elegant reports.

  • Conveniently export your findings in .csv, .xls, and .pdf formats.

  • Clearer Understanding.
    Monitor and Interpret Data.

  • Track the progress of ongoing projects and costs with simple work-in-progress (WIP) reports.

  • Measure your actual versus projected figures, including margins, bill rates, and cost rates.

  • Build simple expense reports that track all your expenses incurred across the business.

  • Easier Billing.
    Collect Cash Faster.

  • Synchronize with Intacct, NetSuite, or QuickBooks to automatically transfer time and expense data.

  • Generate error-free invoices from Mavenlink or your GL. Choose fixed-fee billing, time-and-materials, or both.

  • Give project teams visibility into invoice status to accelerate cash collection.

  • More Time to Strategize.
    Spend Less Processing.

  • Get real-time analytics on your people, projects, and profits.

  • Generate and filter intuitive reports that drive your best decisions for the future.

  • Analyze trends and interpret performance to understand trends. Predict team and project performance based on data.

Over 70% of a finance department’s time is spent processing transactions, and less than 30% on financial management, business intelligence or decision support.

The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited,

The empowered CFO: The emerging role of the finance office in large


Increase the predictability of your revenue by linking Mavenlink with an ERP solution like Intacct. As your delivery team updates the project plan in Mavenlink and payment milestones shift, your order entry dates are updated automatically.

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