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Project and Account Managers

Why Mavenlink?

As a project manager or account manager, you need to make timely decisions. This means you need constant visibility into your tasks, timelines, and deliverables. What if one system could give you that visibility? Mavenlink does. It starts with giving you a stronger hold of your resources.

Your People Are Your Product

Today’s workforce is distributed. Employees and contractors work across multiple offices, cities, and even other companies. With so many people working on countless tasks, you need to know that the right people are in the right places at the right time. Mavenlink lets you distribute teams effectively, based on real-time data. Use powerful visuals to instantly see where to best schedule your resources, so you deliver each project on time and within budget.

Your Benefits

  • One Application.
    Breathe More Easily.

  • Ditch those spreadsheets and emails. Mavenlink hosts your projects, timelines, tasks, and client communication in one place.

  • Organize everything. Control task details including assignees, due dates, checklists, payment milestones, and percentage complete.

  • No more conflicting edits. Share files and link to Google Apps for Work from your project workspace so everyone sees the latest.

  • On Time, Every Time.
    Go Gantt.

  • Schedule your project’s work breakdown structure (WBS) in an interactive, web-based Gantt chart.

  • Drag and drop to easily rearrange tasks. Set your activity dates and create dependencies.

  • Save unlimited project plan snapshots, so you can compare previous timelines side-by-side against the current schedule.

  • Easy Budgeting.
    Get More Per Project.

  • Set budgets at both the project and task level to accurately scope time and costs.

  • Track and review expenses, submit change requests, and monitor burn rates against the budget.

  • Keep internal stakeholders informed with real-time reports on hours worked, tasks completed, and dollars invoiced.

  • Optimized Performance.
    Go Beyond Reports.

  • Make the most of your resources. Mavenlink lets you measure each team member’s billable hours, productivity, and utilization.

  • Get a per-project view of profitability. Then roll your results into reports.

  • Access real-time dashboards whenever you have questions that need answering.

Percentage of companies planning to increase project management communications to better engage and align their workforces.

FD | Forbes Insights Strategic Initiatives Study


Avoid duplicating successful projects manually. There’s no need to re-create identical task lists. Mavenlink lets you create and save project templates. So you and your teams can pre-populate tasks, milestones, and deliverables. Get started by selecting “View and Create Project Templates” in your “Projects” dropdown menu.

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