Mavenlink Optimization
Services (MavenOps)
MavenOps is Mavenlink’s flagship services offering. With MavenOps, Mavenlink clients get a unique, subscription-based service that helps accelerate business transformation while mitigating the risks and costs associated with traditional software implementations.
Waves of Value Assurance
A packaged program of services leveraging Mavenlink’s methodology and best practices. Services are designed to help you efficiently and effectively rollout and adopt Mavenlink within your organization. Additionally, these services will help you manage and optimize your business operations beyond rollout. MavenOps is value assurance for your Mavenlink investment.
MavenOps Wave 1
Best Practice Process Design, Configuration & Rollout (months 1–4)
MavenOps Wave 2
Operate & Optimize (months 5–12)

Changing “Services as Usual”

Extracting business value from SaaS investments requires solving the larger problem of how to increase end-user adoption and usage. We believe this requires services.

Services Designed to
Elevate Your Performance

Our MavenOps team will work closely with your key stakeholders to understand your organization and your current operations. This will allow our team to understand the challenges your organization is facing today and the results you are hoping to achieve related to implementing Mavenlink. These discussions will allow our MavenOps team to provide best practices and make recommendations targeted at your specific needs.

MavenOps Increases User Adoption by Nearly 20%
The results: the end user experience aligns to the business process. Not happy with your current process? No problem, the MavenOps team can help you rethink your processes and align them with your desired end-user experience.
Accelerate Adoption and Time-to-Value
Get your team off to the right start with plans designed to support a successful launch.
Adopt Best Practices for Success
Understand how to leverage Mavenlink to promote healthy business growth and drive the measures that matter.
Elevate Your Performance Over Time
Leverage ongoing guidance from trusted experts to help achieve today’s goals and tomorrow’s outcomes.