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“Mavenlink has helped us solve the puzzle of resource allocation so we can do our best work for our clients.”

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Full-Cycle Resource Management

Unlike point solutions, spreadsheets, and traditional Professional Services Automation (PSA) apps, with Mavenlink you get the complete view you need to effectively and efficiently manage your billable resources.

Now you can see and manage every resource, across every project, at every stage of the project cycle, organization-wide, in one place.

Discover the Benefits

Estimate with Precision

A new opportunity is in the pipeline and now it’s time to produce an estimate. With Mavenlink, you can start with a prior successful project template or start from scratch, then leverage a role-based approach to model the resource composition and resulting margins. You’ll have the power to create multiple resource scenarios, then select a winner.


Unnamed Resource

Use an Unnamed Resource as placeholder to indicate demand for a certain role before actually knowing who will be able to fill the need.

Scenario Builder

It’s great to have options. Mavenlink empowers you to construct and model different resource team compositions and timelines for a given project so that you can weigh the costs and benefits of multiple scenarios before selecting the best approach.

Profit Margin Modeler

Take your resource estimates further with modeling that estimates project margins within each estimate scenario. See in real-time how your resource plan changes are projected to impact profit margins.

Scenario Comparison Table

Build up to five project scenarios per estimate then compare margins and staffing options to make the best decision.

Plan Like a Pro

Set expectations before projects get underway by designating the roles required on the project and the time schedule that will work best for you and your client. Within a single view, you can quickly fill project resource requirements and swiftly address conflicts. With Mavenlink, you’ll get the right resource, on the right project, at the right time, every time.


Drag and Drop Planning & Management Interface

You’re now in command with a visual, dynamic Master Planning Console that gives you a complete view of all of your resources and their schedules across the organization. Quickly find the right resources, set role-based, soft, and hard allocations. See when conflicts arise, and resolve them on the fly with a simple drag and drop.

Live-View Resource Pool

Because projects are executed in Mavenlink you’ll have the complete, full-cycle view of all of your organization’s resources, and know exactly who’s on what, until when. No more waiting for email and phone responses to know if someone is available.

Resource Matching Engine

Quickly find available resources with the right skills and cost profile leveraging the included Resource Matching.

Role-based planning

No need to identify a name to develop resource plans with Mavenlink. You have the option to plan with roles until a named resource has been determined.

"We scoured the market to find a better resource management solution. Then we stumbled across a great application that had much more than just resource management—Mavenlink."

Steve k

Steve Kouloumendas,

Principal Consultant, Anywise

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Manage Change with Ease

With Mavenlink, resource managers and project managers have the visibility and controls they need to swiftly update resource plans as the realities of active projects arise. With distinct resourcing views designed for both the resource manager and project manager, they’re able to stay in sync and aligned with the information they need to operate with agility.

Gantt Charts

Project Pulse

Gain visibility into all of your active projects and their health with a visual dashboard that points out the projects that require resource attention to ensure success.

Project Scheduling

Project Resource Planner

Project managers and resource managers are now in sync. With Mavenlink, project managers can define their detailed resource plan and track it in the project. Simultaneously, resource managers see the scheduling of resources in their Master Planning Console.

Weekly Schedule

Schedule Visibility

From within the project, get a comprehensive view of project resources and their schedules, on every project for which they’ve been planned

Track Time

Activity Feed

With collaboration at the core of Mavenlink, resource managers and project managers have a venue to collaborate in the context of a project, in public or private message, as needs for resources arise or change.

Connect Mavenlink to Your Sales Pipeline
Give your estimators, resource managers, and leaders visibility into your sales pipeline to improve the quality and speed of forecasting and estimating, and drive seamless collaboration.
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