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“Mavenlink has helped us solve the puzzle of resource allocation so we can do our best work for our clients.”

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Enable full-cycle resource management with the insights and granular control you need

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Manage What Matters

Understanding, allocating, and optimizing your resources in detail is critical for healthy margins and long-term success. Mavenlink Master Planning capabilities help you efficiently staff, plan, and allocate resources while better understanding your team’s utilization rates.

Analyzing and forecasting resources helps you uncover more effective utilization strategies for an efficient, profitable workforce.

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Understand Each Resource in Depth

Successful resource managers need to know where and how their workforce will be most effective.

Mavenlink resource management provides greater visibility into your resource pool makeup, skills, planned time off, workload, assigned projects, and individual demand.

Insightful dashboards, reports, and profiles provide resource managers with the information they need to successfully deploy their workforce.

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Realize Your Full Capacity

Effective resource management starts by knowing who’s on your team and what roles they can play. Mavenlink gives you unrivaled visibility into your resource pool and makes forecasting revenue capacity a breeze.

Providing resource managers with robust capacity planning capabilities and insights into workforce dynamics leads to better, faster decisions, and more effective capacity optimization strategies.

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Stay on Top of Demand

Preparing for future resource demands is critical to predictable business growth. Mavenlink forecasting capabilities combine sales pipeline and backlog with active projects to help your business make informed and confident decisions for today and the future. Billable, non-billable, actual, and scheduled utilization views enable you to optimize resource productivity.

Reliable resource-centric insights help you prepare for and respond to even the most unpredictable changes.

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Streamline Crucial Business Processes

Resource management processes can be time-consuming, inconsistent, headache-ridden, and costly. Mavenlink facilitates more efficient, repeatable resourcing processes to aid in requesting resources, updating skills, and in estimating, allocating, and scheduling project teams.

Mavenlink also brings alignment and improved communication to the regular interactions between Resource Managers and Project Managers, all within the context of a given client, project, or task.

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Adjust Resource Strategies Swiftly

With Mavenlink, you have the power to quickly adapt resource plans and assignments to sudden changes in resource and project needs. Master Planning helps you respond rapidly to unplanned resource issues with confidence so you can meet client expectations and your business targets without skipping a beat.

With unmatched connectedness and visibility into project-level execution, resource managers are able to better understand project changes that impact resources, and more effectively solve associated resource challenges.

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Integrate and Extend Your Services-Centric Tech Stack

Mavenlink M-Bridge enables easy connection with CRMs like Salesforce so you can view your pipeline in detail, better align sales and services delivery, and promote improved communication across teams. Or snap in your current financial system for tight management of invoices and accounting; or your HR system to streamline skills or time-off management.

Mavenlink M-Bridge is the industry’s only OpenAPI-based, services-centric integration platform, enabling you to connect and extend your tech stack to the extent of your imagination.

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