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Unify and align distributed teams with tightly integrated communication and collaboration

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Bring Teams Together

Building and reliably executing desired business processes depends on healthy collaboration and communication among all team members, including distributed team members and subcontractors. You can set workflows, communicate with your teams to improve operations, create role-based permissions, control assignments through task management, and scale with growth through Mavenlink.

Healthy collaboration results in improved communication between all roles within your company, which in turn improves processes and operations.

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Stay Aligned Throughout the Project Lifecycle

Now that your team has been brought together, each member needs to be aligned.

Mavenlink adds context to tasks, creates actionable insights, tracks project performance, and consolidates this information in a single location to better align your resources and their many goals.

Improve project execution, increase productivity, and improve team satisfaction with collaboration that keeps teams plugged in through the entire lifecycle via a dynamic project workspace.

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Collaboration Contextualized for Services Delivery

Successful business processes in the services industry rely on great collaboration between your team members. The readily-available data on projects and tasks provided by Mavenlink creates contextual collaboration for your workforce to make the most of their roles within a project. The use of @mentions, email notifications, requests, and approvals gives you the power to drive the kind of project communication and collaboration of which you’ve always dreamed.

Mavenlink-supported contextual collaboration helps you keep critical resources engaged and informed for a higher rate of project success.

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Standardize Project Communication Practices

Efficient, productive collaboration is enhanced when process consistencies and standards are introduced. Mavenlink supports governed collaboration with features that enable private and public communications, and granular permission settings to control what each project member has the ability to see and do, all within the flow of the project.

Detailed governance capabilities help you keep resources engaged, efficient, and informed for a higher rate of project success.

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Work More Efficiently with Contractors

Contractors are more important than ever in the services industry and leaders are leveraging technology to take full advantage of the benefits they offer. Mavenlink uniquely enables work with contractors by providing contextual communication and more effective project collaboration with the distributed workforce.

Strengthening your contractor network means eliminating costly employee bench time and accessing a wider variety of skills to provide clients with more types of services than ever.

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Delight and Retain Your Customers

Today more than ever, clients are likely to seek out your competitors if they are not satisfied with your work or the way you work. Mavenlink helps you bring transparency and connectedness to the client experience, enabling your clients to join the project with a unique client view. Collaborate with clients on timelines, deliverables, proofs, approvals, change orders, and more. With client communication tied to the project, losing track of the next steps will be a thing of the past.

Greater visibility and team alignment create higher quality projects, more satisfied clients, and a greater likelihood of return business.

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Integrate Your Communication Channels

Mavenlink M-Bridge enables easy integration with other collaborative communication apps in your tech stack, like Slack, Salesforce Chatter, and JIRA. With Mavenlink, there’s no compromise.

Mavenlink M-Bridge is the industry’s only OpenAPI-based, services-centric integration platform, enabling you to connect and extend your tech stack to the extent of your imagination.

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