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See all my projects at once

Whether your firm manages 5 or 500 projects simultaneously, Mavenlink project management provides you with a complete view of your project portfolio. Quickly assess the status and health of a given project or a portfolio of projects, at a glance or down to the task level.

With Mavenlink you’ll have the client and project insights you need to make better decisions and improve project execution across the business.

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Get the complete Story on Every Project

Imagine what you could accomplish if you knew the status of every task and deliverable for a project at any given time.

Mavenlink provides real-time visibility through detailed Gantt chart, task lists and threaded communications that help you understand your most pressing needs while an integrated view of the project resource plan provides a complete view of your project team members and their schedules.

The result is a better understanding of both your people and your projects to make informed decisions, helping you finish on budget and on time, every time.

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Deliver Projects Predictably, Consistently

Successfully completing a project is hard work, and replicating that success can be even more difficult. The powerful process automation and process governance features in Mavenlink enable you to implement world-class processes and turn the most successful project plans into reusable templates for future work.

With Mavenlink, you can say goodbye to manual processes, data silos, and workarounds, saving you time and money.

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Continually Improve Project Performance

Schedule, scope, budget, and client sentiment are all crucial to a project’s success, but can be difficult to control. Project Pulse reveals the real-time health of a project while task tracker and resource management tools make needed adjustments without delay.

Mavenlink helps you make both short- and long-term improvements in your project strategies.

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Help Your Business Prosper

Making regular process improvements and being able to reliably predict future needs is critical to sustaining profitability. Mavenlink Insights reports give you the actionable data needed to improve financial performance and drive long-term success. Insights also provides forecasting and a better understanding of trends to strengthen business strategies.

Mavenlink is designed to unlock the potential of your team and help your business thrive into the future.

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Integrate and Extend Your Workspace

Forcing your team to replace their favorite technology solutions can complicate business processes. Mavenlink’s integration capabilities allow your team to still use the applications they have relied on to do business for years, such as JIRA and Slack, while task tracker strengthens your workflow.

The result is a more efficient workflow, greater flexibility, contextual project management, and empowered team members.

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