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Collaboration is critical to making projects work, but multiple communication methods for sharing information and feedback can fragment project knowledge. Reinvent how your team collaborates by pulling that communication out of siloed platforms and putting it into one cohesive place where your entire team has access from the first moment. Choose project management software that gets it.

Set The Framework For Success

Setting up your project is where it all begins. Define who will be working on your team, who has access to what information, and define project specifics down to the finest details.

Robust resourcing

Right Person, Right Job

Use robust resourcing tools to identify what team members can take on your projects.

Tested success

Tested for Success

For recurring tasks and deliverables, using project templates make it easy to replicate past project success effortlessly.

Custom fields

Create Custom Fields

Use custom fields to add additional information to your projects, such as a project number, client address, and other project details.

"Easy to use, easy to implement, and helps us do more in less time."

Alex tabrizi

Alex Tabrizi, CEO

APlus Interior Design & Remodeling

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Get Everyone On The Same Page

Store, organize, and share all files related to your projects in one place. With all of your team's files linked to project conversations and tasks, you'll never lose track of an important document again. Learn more about project task management software.

  • Attach or Upload

  • Attach Google Drive files or upload other file types (.doc, .xls, .jpg, and more). For Google files, choose the amount of access you want to give to recipients (view, comment, or edit).

  • Sort and Search

  • Quickly sort and search by project, uploader, message, and more.

  • Keep Files

  • Find the latest iteration of any file that has been shared with the team.

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Provide Trust With Project Permissions

Trust is key to collaboration. That’s why you need a project management app that has the right permissions in place to protect important project information like financial data and team communication. When your collaborators trust that their information is safe, secure, and visible only to those who need it, project collaboration is most successful.

  • Assign Permissions

  • Assign permissions and specific access to individual participants.

  • Control Conversations

  • Control who sees your messages by choosing Private or Public posting.

  • Secure Information

  • All Mavenlink communication is encrypted with SSL to protect private and sensitive information.

Provide trust
Provide trust

Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere

No matter where you are, there’s no need for projects to be slowed down. Access your activity feed and make updates wherever you are on the web with the Chrome Extension, or out and about by accessing Mavenlink on your mobile device.

Mobile App

Mobile app

Chrome Extension

Chrome extension