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Insights That Take You From Data to Decisions

“We are finally able to make decisions that are based on facts instead of gut feeling.”

Julie Ferrand​ Dauntless

Enterprise-grade BI and powerful reporting give you the insights you need for faster decisions and better results

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All the Data You Need in One Spot

Today’s companies rely on data insights for more effective decision making, but poor data quality can undermine outcomes. Mavenlink eliminates silos, bringing together all critical operational data in one place. The result is robust business intelligence (BI) and reporting insights that enable sound, timely decisions.

With Mavenlink Insights, you can take advantage of an extensible and powerful BI platform that provides 60+ thoughtfully-crafted, services-centric reports and dashboards out of the box.

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Look to the Future, Confidently

Every business needs a plan and path to scale and grow over time but may find it difficult to forecast future demands for both projects and resources.

With Mavenlink’s extensive forecasting capabilities, your business can look into the future confidently for improved planning and decision-making.

Forecast revenue, margins, and resource capacity with views that include demands past, current, and future.

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Drive Greater Operational Efficiency

Making quick, accurate decisions can mean the difference between profit and loss for a company. Mavenlink Insights helps companies improve operational efficiency with faster and more accurate reporting, analysis, and planning that improves data accuracy and eliminates time-consuming manual work.

With data-supported recommendations on your side, you’ll be able to more quickly gain support from others on key strategic decisions.

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Empower Your Delivery Team

A successful business depends on having teams that are equipped to perform their duties to the best of their abilities. Mavenlink helps you optimize and improve team and individual execution by empowering everyone with more business visibility, control, and actionable data that’s relevant to their role.

With teams empowered and informed, your business will perform more profitably and predictably.

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Create Reports Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs

Success looks a little different to every business. Mavenlink allows you to define what success means to your business and build reports around specific metrics that help you gauge that success.

Your team can create a wide variety of reports with Mavenlink designed to support your unique needs, including Release Health, Portfolio & Project Financial Health, and Client Profitability.

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Integrate and Utilize Data From Any Source

Most services organizations are using a variety of solutions to support their needs, but lack of integration is hindering insight into their business. Mavenlink M-Bridge connects with any system to pull vital data into view for BI analysis.

Mavenlink M-Bridge is the industry’s only OpenAPI-based, services-centric integration platform, enabling you to connect and extend your tech stack to the extent of your imagination.

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