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Turn Every Project Into A Profit Center

“We are able to improve how budget is managed and really ensure our business is profitable.”

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Link your team’s time, expenses, and invoices to their tasks and projects in real time

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Quick Visibility into Project Financials

Staying within budget is critical for the profitability of a company, but can often become difficult to track at the project level. Mavenlink project accounting is deeply integrated in the foundation of every project, providing immediate visibility into budgets, burn rates, and forecasted costs and margins. With these key financial performance indicators in the hands of project delivery leaders, your project managers soon become profit managers.

Real-time financial visibility helps you make informed decisions to improve the profitability with each project and client.

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Leverage Flexible, User-Friendly Time Tracking

Time tracking is the foundation of healthy project margins, but it can become difficult to manage as your workforce grows. With Mavenlink, collecting and approving time cards is a breeze with simple, friendly, and flexible options available in the flow of the user experience.

You’ll have the ability to track billable and non-billable time against tasks, projects, and clients with real-time reporting to help with compliance and analysis.

Mavenlink provides you with greater control over timesheet processes and workflows to improve time collection, utilization, and billing.

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Estimate With Confidence

Profitable projects depend on accurate estimates. Mavenlink helps you create estimates and project scenarios prior to starting a project to improve the accuracy of proposals and ensure proper margins are planned into the project.

The result is better precision in developing proposals and improved financial performance on completed work.

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Forecast With Data You Can Trust

Accurate forecasting helps keep a business profitable and able to adjust to shifting demand. Mavenlink provides you with the ability to forecast based on actionable information via Mavenlink Insights Business Intelligence, Margin Reports, and Work In Progress (WIP) Reports.

Better forecasting and planning means more reliable financial performance over the long term.

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Bill Confidently. Get Paid Faster.

Resource and project management has become more complex than ever, sometimes leading to accounting inaccuracies. Mavenlink supports robust and accurate project accounting through a variety of features including rate cards, project financials, currencies, roles, audit logging, and more.

Mavenlink helps you streamline your invoicing process, speeding up payment on your work.

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Integrate Your Critical Financial Systems

Companies today rely on more solutions than ever to run their business and often overlook the opportunity to integrate with financial systems. Mavenlink M-Bridge makes it easy to connect information and processes in financial systems, like Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks, Oracle, SAP, Intacct, and Concur, with Mavenlink to streamline your project accounting procedures.

Mavenlink M-Bridge is the industry’s only OpenAPI-based, services-centric integration platform, enabling you to connect and extend your tech stack to the extent of your imagination.

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