Huge Refines Utilization Rates with Mavenlink

May 17, 2019

Huge Refines Utilization Rates with Mavenlink

Huge is a digital marketing agency that provides strategy, marketing, design, and technology services to Fortune 100 companies. Find out how Mavenlink supported Huge with the means to refine utilization for long-term success.

Who is Huge?

Huge designs best-in-class experiences rooted in the technology, data, and organizational strategy required for operational excellence. The unified brand experiences created by Huge result in consistent, impactful, and valuable user relationships for clients.

The Challenge

As Huge grew across multiple disciplines, multiple offices, and different currencies, its legacy system could not keep up with its growth, preventing efficiencies across a wide variety of business processes, including reporting and utilization. “It was a full-time manual job instead of being done by our system that should run it for us,” said Kelly Gaida, MD, Global Controller & Planning at Huge. “The controls in place for managing and analyzing data were not accurate.”

The Switch to Mavenlink

After considering several different options, Huge chose Mavenlink based on its ability to enable timely and accurate reporting, improve utilization rates, and standardize the business processes used across its many offices. “Mavenlink has increased visibility across our global organization,” said Gaida. Today, Huge is spending less time analyzing data and is instead using its newfound insights to create successful strategies and continually refine resource utilization to be a more effective company.

The Results

  • Improved utilization rates
  • Created worldwide business process consistency
  • Automated data analysis and reporting
  • Implemented user-friendly timesheets

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